Download the Offline Data Storage Application on Android – For Android users, you can download an offline data storage application to store important data or back it up to a data storage application.

Currently there is a lot of data storage in the cloud which is useful as additional data storage access.

There are online data stores that must always be connected to the internet when using them, there are also offline data stores that can still be used even if they are not connected to the internet.

Here are recommendations for the best offline data storage applications.

List of Data Storage Application Download Links

List of Data Storage Application Download Links

Below are several offline data storage applications that you can easily download, namely:

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one data storage which has been used by consumers around the world. As long as the data has been previously uploaded to the Dropbox cloud, it can be accessed even if the computer is not connected to the internet.

You don't need to use all of your phone's internal storage to back up different types of files.

Of course this is the biggest answer as long as your internal storage is not consumed too much by the system. Dropbox also provides an easy to use UI for newcomers.


2. Google Drive

Cloud storage handled by the big company Google has been used on smartphone devices all over the world, making it the most common data storage.

Files that have been stored in Google Drive may still be accessible even if they are offline. It's just that some functions such as downloads cannot be used without an internet connection.


Storage on Google Drive is quite safe because Google will occasionally issue a warning via email for account security.


3. Boxes

Box is a good choice if you want an easy data storage solution. Back up and sync data from your smartphone to the cloud using Box.

This is a great way to extend the life of a smartphone's internal storage. you can still access Box even when you are offline.

Even accessing video files stored in it can also be done even though the internal connection is not connected. The storage space provided is up to 10 GB and it is free to use.


4. IDrive

The IDrive service provides free storage space with a size of 5 GB. In one account, IDrive can be used to store files on various platforms ranging from Android smartphones, iOS, even on Windows PCs and Macs too.

You will be able to open files on separate devices more easily if you do this. This application can also be used as a place to store social media data backups.

The IDrive Premium service is expensive, but worth it when you consider the level of security, functionality and convenience they provide.

Google Drive

5. OneDrive

Offline data storage applications that offer fast access without having to be connected to the internet, one of which is One Drive.

This application produced by Microsoft was originally called SkyDrive, but was eventually changed to One Drive with more advanced feature updates.

By creating an account, you can get a 15 GB disk that can be used to store various types of information. One drive also makes it easy to move data between devices using one account.


6. Mega Cloud Storage

Mega offers free data storage with a large capacity because just by creating an account, you have the possibility to access 50 GB of data storage without having to pay a penny.

Mega also utilizes an encryption mechanism to ensure the security of user data stored in its cloud infrastructure. You can also access saved files offline.



Sync is an application that adds an additional 5 GB of storage to your smartphone's internal storage.

This application provides several benefits, such as providing convenience in sharing procedures and information security. In addition, you can access files in this Sync anytime and anywhere.


8. My Cloud

Western Digital Technologies, Inc. created the My Cloud application. WD primarily concentrated on selling hard drives, but over time the company expanded into the Cloud Storage sector.

The ability to read files from other cloud applications is simplified due to the direct integration of these applications with other Android data stores.

With the latest automatic backup and resync capabilities, you can make sure your important data stays safe.



Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about data storage applications, as follows:

Is It Safe To Store Data In The Cloud?

Cloud is a collection of physical servers with a secure network, customers can upload and access stored data from anywhere. This cloud security service protects data from unauthorized access.


You can use it as storage for various data, music, movies, and more without having to use up the internal storage on your smartphone device.

Thus the information about downloading offline data storage applications on Android, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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