Fastest Downloading App for Android – Please note that the fastest download application is available on Android and you can use it if you are lazy to wait. Downloading is the activity most favored by Android users.

Considering that typical Android-based smartphones have a 3G connection, there are even better ones that are quite capable of this activity.

Manfaat Open Source dan banyaknya application yang diberikan untuk perangkat android membuat penggunanya merasa gatal untuk mendownload berbagai aplikasi, Mp3 atau Video untuk mereka nikmati.

Fastest Download Application List

To complement this activity, many users install additional applications to further increase their downloading activity using applications that help speed up downloads.

The following are some examples of the fastest downloading applications, namely:

Download Manager for Android

In the short time since it was first released, the app has amassed more than 3 million users.

The reliability of Download Manager for Android is that it is able to download up to three times faster than similar applications currently available.

This downloader application made by Renkmobil Bilisim is said to be not only effective for handling files and movies on cellphones, but also as a browser, file manager and music player.

The average user rating for this app is 4.1 stars, which shows how well liked this app is. Meanwhile, out of 10,359 customers questioned, 6,486 of them gave a 5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

In addition, the attractiveness of this application also lies in the simplicity of its operation. Users just need to copy and paste the URL of the file they want to download into the accessible address bar.

Android Download Manager even offers suggestions of the most popular download sites for digital material such as music, movies, and games that can be accessed directly from the app without the need to use a search engine first.

Renkmobil Bilisim can download files of any format, even those larger than 2 GB, including APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC and XL.

The download process can also be stopped (paused) and restarted at will. Click here to open Google Play Store and get this app.

Xwind Downloader

One of the claims made for this download manager application is the promise of speeding up the download process on various different hosting sites.

The features it contains are no less interesting than other download manager applications. To download this app directly from the Google Play Store, click here.

Internet Download Manager

After the success of the PC version, Internet Download Manager is now being developed for Android-based devices.

You will see a significant increase in your download downloads when using Internet Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager also supports many file types and includes a pause option, so you no longer need to download files by continuing from the beginning.

To download this app directly from the Google Play Store, click here. This app is highly loved by Android users because of its various interactive elements.

Some of these features include downloading up to three files simultaneously, accelerating downloads using multi-threading (9 parts), integration of download links from the browser and clipboard, displaying program icons and download processes in the notification panel, showing a running list.

Download process, save download list. and settings on the SD card, completion notification with sound and vibration, resuming after reconnecting or after restarting the program, saving different types of files in different folders, and scheduling download files.


Thus the article regarding some of the fastest downloading applications available for Android, I hope this article can be useful in providing references for those of you who need applications to optimize your Android in matters of downloading files.

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