How to Convert Video to MP3 Without Application – Please note how to convert videos to MP3 on an Android phone, you don't need to use a third-party application. Because apart from using an application that you can download from the Play Store, you can actually also use online tools to convert videos into mp3s.

Just use the browser installed on your phone, you can do it. Apart from improving the phone's performance, this approach requires no installation application any additions. Here are the steps for using this online resource:

How to Convert Videos to MP3 on Android Without an Application

There are various techniques you can use to convert movies to MP3 online without an application. Below you will find some of the most used web resources.

Convert Video to MP3 File Saved in Gallery

This method is one of the simplest methods because the path is quite short, namely upload – select conversion result – download. We will use for the conversion process. Here are the steps:

  1. You will need a video file to convert to MP3. Then access the Video Converter site using a mobile browser.
  2. Prepare a video file that will be converted to MP3. Then open the Video Converter site via the mobile browser.
  3. Select a video file by clicking Select file, search for the video on the cellphone.
  4. In the Format section we select MP3.
  5. Then click the Convert now button, then the conversion process will run. After the process of converting the file to MP3 is complete, the download will start automatically.

Convert Video to MP3 Saved in Gallery, Dropbox, Google Drive and URL

Slightly different from before, the advantage in is that you can add many files at once in one conversion process.

So if you want to change a lot of files, you don't need to repeat them one by one because of course this will be a waste of time.

Apart from that, supports many formats such as MP3 and the like, supports more than 200 formats. Here are the steps to use

  1. Go to the site to convert videos to any format.
  2. Click on the Choose File button, you can also select the video source from Dropbox, Google Drive and URL by clicking the arrow next to Choose File.
  3. In the example in this tutorial, we use 'Select File' video from the phone's storage media (manual upload from gallery/file manager).
  4. Then selecting the conversion results, we select MP3. Then click Convert.
  5. Wait until the upload and conversion process from video to MP3 is complete. Finally click Download to save the file on the cellphone.

The First Way to Convert Videos to MP3 from YouTube

Since YouTube is the world's largest video streaming gateway, there are tons of videos available for our viewing pleasure. Videos and songs by artists around the world can be found on any of these sites.

Below technique can be used to convert song video clip to MP3 for online streaming purpose only:

  1. Before starting, we must know the URL of the video on YouTube first. The trick is to open the YouTube application on the smartphone. Then find the video that you want to convert to MP3.
  2. If you have found it, play the video. Then click the Share icon, select Copy link.
  3. Open the browser on the cellphone, then enter the YtMP3 site to process converting from video to MP3.
  4. Paste the YouTube video link copied from the previous link. Then click Convert, wait until the conversion process is complete.
  5. After that, click Download to save the mp3 file to your cellphone.

The second way to convert videos to MP3 from YouTube

Almost the same as the previous tutorial, when copying the link, paste the link on the site on the cellphone browser, then click the white arrow button, scroll down a little, click MP3, then click Download.


That's a list of ways to convert videos into MP3s that you can do to convert movies into mp3s on Android without an application.

There are many sites like the ones mentioned in the above article that allow you to convert video to audio. Now you can convert video to mp3 or audio.

With the above techniques you can also convert the song's video clip to mp3 so you can listen to it on your smartphone's music player.

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