How to Hide Apps on Android Lollipop – As you know how to hide apps on Android Lollipop is one way to stay safe and unobserved by as many people as possible, it's only natural for individuals to want to protect their personal privacy.

Especially smartphone privacy which is often overlooked. In addition to private images, videos or papers, of course we also offer a variety of private applications.

Even though android users have great security settings, it is difficult for anyone to tamper with application we. Of course, there are certain apps that we want to hide from being visible in the menu bar.

How to Hide Apps on Android

So how do you hide Android apps? Check the following tips!

1. Hiding Applications on Samsung HP

Android phones often include an option that lets you hide installed apps.

This option allows you no longer need to download hider apps from play store or app store because we don't know if they have virus or not.

How to hide applications on Android such as Samsung and LG are as follows:

  1. On the front home page (not in the menu), long press on an empty section
  2. If the homepage is filled with applications, please slide it on a new page to leave an empty space that you can press
  3. Later, several buttons will appear at the bottom, click the "home screen settings" button
  4. Press the hide app menu
  5. On the hide app menu, all you need to do is click on the app you want to hide
  6. Tap “Apply” or “OK”
  7. The application will be hidden automatically
  8. Do the same if you want to revive the application

2. Hiding applications on Xiaomi cellphones

For users of Chinese phones, such as those with Xiaomi or Redmi models, there's quite a bit of variation. The difference lies in the different approaches to hiding apps.

Xiaomi and Redmi must be "far away" if Samsung hides the "Hide Application" menu. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Open the settings or settings application on your cellphone
  2. On security, then click on the app icon and lock
  3. After that, you can select the application that you want to hide
  4. Press OK or Done

3. How to Hide Apps on Android Lollipop

For you users of previous versions of Android phones, especially Android Lollipop, there is a big difference. Android lollipop doesn't use the phrase “hide app” but they call it “deactivate app”.

Of course its use is almost the same as hiding applications on ordinary Android. But, if on standard Android we can still access hidden applications, in disabled mode on Lollipop, hidden applications cannot be accessed.

For those who are still unsure whether the Android version is Lollipop or not, you can check the "About phone" menu or the "About phone" menu. To find it, go down in the options menu.

If the Android version displays 5.0.0 or 5.1.1, it indicates that your Android is using the Android Lollipop version. Having said that, how do you hide apps on Android Lollipop?

  1. Open the menu screen on your phone
  2. On the menu, open Settings, then press the Apps button
  3. On the application menu, click the application manager button and you will see a list of applications as in the following example, swipe right to display all applications on the cellphone
  4. Click the application that you want to hide, in the following example the application that we will hide is S Lime. A display will appear as shown above, after that all you need to do is press the "deactivate" button
  5. Your application will automatically deactivate, and be deleted from the main menu screen. Every application that is deactivated will be in the "disabled" section of the application manager menu, you only need to swipe right. To turn on your application again, do the opposite and the application will be active again

4. Hiding Apps From Play Store

For Android apps to exist, there must be a Play Store option. For all android applications, the default application serves as a central “store” from which additional applications can be downloaded.

Apart from installing applications, it turns out that the Play Store can also be used to hide applications on our cellphones without us having to uninstall them.

Here's how to hide apps from Google Play:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the Play Store application, or Google Play, after that on the first menu of the application, click the three lines button in the upper left corner
  2. Scroll down until you get to the “Feed and Feedback” option, click it
  3. A pop up menu will appear on your mobile screen. Select the “Tap to go to app settings” menu and another page will appear
  4. Select the application to hide then press disable. But please note that deactivating the application will delete all updates that you have downloaded on the application
  5. To revive applications that you have disabled. you can immediately do the opposite

Hiding Applications on Android with Additional Applications

If you are still not satisfied with this solution, there is a final alternative that might be a solution for you.

Booting up a phone whose sole purpose is to hide other apps from view is one way to do it. There are dozens of applications like this in the App Store or Google Play menu that you can install for free.

But of course you still have to be careful with additional threats that follow when you want to install hidden programs.

This open-source application is apparently small and easy to use. But most likely this application is also a virus vector for your device. That is, of course, something we don't want to happen.

Therefore, we have selected many apps that have been verified to be able to hide apps and not contain infections. We can see the application as follows:

1. Using Apex Launcher

Another app on your phone, Apex Launcher, lets you hide apps. This program is recognized as an application without root which will certainly make it easier for you.

How to hide applications with Apex Launcher is also quite easy, namely:

  1. Download the Apex Launcher application on your App Store
  2. When finished, click the apex settings menu, then click the Drawer Settings menu
  3. You can directly select the application that you want to hide
  4. Press done or okay

2. Using Microsoft Launcher

By using the Microsoft launcher, you can hide your apps without having to worry about breaking your phone.

Since its inception, Internet users have been clamoring for this Microsoft offering. Microsoft Launcher is also a small program that can help keep your phone running smoothly.

So how can we hide our app from showing up in Microsoft's launcher?

  1. First, you have to download the application with the blue logo on your mobile playstore. When it's finished, the UI appearance of your mobile interface will change according to the Microsoft Launcher logo
  2. After that open the application drawer at the bottom to bring up the applications that have been installed on your cellphone
  3. Open the Hidden Apps menu by pressing the three dot icon
  4. Then select the application that will be hidden in the Microsoft Launcher
  5. Make sure after selecting the application that you want to hide, there is already a blue tick at the end of the application as a sign that the application is ready to be hidden
  6. After that you only need to press the confirm button
  7. Do the opposite if you want to reactivate your hidden application


That's an article about how to hide apps on Android Lollipop, not only hiding on Android Lollipop, we also suggest how to hide apps on Samsung, Xiaomi, PlayStore and other apps.

Hopefully the methods above can be useful for you, and good luck.

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