How to Hide Videos on Android Without Applications – You can find out how to hide videos on Android without an App and with an App. You can store anything from public files to intimate videos on your smartphone.

But what is clear, there are ignorant hands who constantly want to borrow it. Therefore, learning how to hide videos on Android without an app is a must.

List of Ways to Hide Videos on Android Without Applications

Hiding videos on your phone is another approach to keeping your privacy from being invaded by careless people. Depending on the level of security, there are various methods to blur videos without using an app.

1. 'Low' security level

To be able to hide videos on Android without needing additional applications, you can use the file manager. However, in this case, it just hides the gallery, which is still searchable in file explorer. Here are the steps:

  1. Open ES File Manager on your smartphone
  2. Then find the video that you want to hide
  3. Change the name or rename of the video
  4. Add a period in front of the name
  5. Then it will automatically be hidden from the gallery

2. “Moderate” security level

Still using the same method, namely using a file manager on a smartphone, but this time it has a decent level of protection. However, this way the videos are more gated than before and cannot be accessed in the gallery. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the file manager menu on the smartphone
  2. Create a folder with a free name
  3. Enter into the folder
  4. Then create a new folder again in it
  5. However, the folder name should be '.nomeda.
  6. Find the video that you want to hide
  7. Then, move it into the new folder
  8. The video was successfully hidden

3. “High” security level

If you are wondering how to hide videos on Android without an app, this is the safest option. Videos may be hidden safely even if you are still using the file management menu. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the ES File Manager menu on the cellphone
  2. Find the video that you want to hide
  3. Change the name or rename the video
  4. Try the name is not similar to the original
  5. Examples like .''. (Format changed)
  6. That way, no one will know
  7. But make sure you remember the name
  8. Otherwise, there is a risk that it will be lost
  9. To reopen it
  10. Click on the file
  11. Then select 'Videos'
  12. Then it will automatically play

How to Hide Videos on Android with Apps

If you read the last paragraph, you might think that this is about how to hide videos without an app.

This can be done on a number of different Play Store platforms. Your videos are safe with it because of its many features. Here's a summary:

1. Keepsave

Keepsave is an application whose aim is to hide various files, including videos. Due to its attractive characteristics, you can relax knowing that your smartphone password or PIN is safe from inexperienced hands.

Therefore, this application is present as a solution to this problem. No need to worry about storage capacity, because Keepsave is a small and lightweight application that doesn't take up much space. It can also be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

2. Vaulty

When it comes to hidden photo and video apps, Vaulty is one of the more respectable videos.

Since they are very good at hiding files, this platform has been tested and trusted to guarantee confidentiality.

Vaulty is easy to run, due to its simple interface. You can get it for free from Google Playstore and take advantage of all its interesting features, such as hidden videos and folder locking.


That's the discussion about How to Hide Videos on Android Without Applications, not only methods without applications, we also provide ways to hide videos on Android with applications in the article above.

We hope that the article above can be useful for all of you, to maintain the privacy and security of your videos.

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