How to Download Applications on a Simple Windows 8 Laptop – It's understandable if you don't know how to download applications on a Windows 8 laptop, as a beginner it's normal to have difficulty handling a laptop running Windows 8.

It's clear that there are some users who are new to doing things in Windows 8, like downloading apps. For Windows 8 users, downloading the application can be done through the Microsoft store.

List of Ways to Download Apps on Windows 8

For users who are still having trouble doing it, here's how to download an application on a Windows 8 laptop that can be followed easily:

1. Open Microsoft Store

The first step in how to download an application on a Windows 8 laptop is to enter the Microsoft store which is located on the start menu and then search for Microsoft store. To download the application there, users must first log in using a Microsoft account.

If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can sign up using your email or phone number. Users who already have an account simply enter a password to access their account.

Apps downloaded from Microsoft store are safer for your device than those downloaded from unofficial sources.

Apps downloaded through the Microsoft store will be accessible on any device associated with that Microsoft account. In addition, the application can also update automatically if there are new features.

2. Choose an App in the Microsoft Store

At the Microsoft store, after successfully checking in with a Microsoft account, users can immediately search for applications by exploring the many categories of applications that can be accessed.

In the main menu, users will be given recommendations for the most popular applications or the latest applications. In the Microsoft store, users can find both free and paid apps. Apart from that, you can use the search function to search for specific apps.

3. Check the Application You Want to Download

After deciding which application to download, the user can first check the information from the application.

Users can check information such as app description, size, preview, and reviews from other users.

Checking a program's initial information is also an important aspect when determining whether an application will work smoothly on a user's device and when evaluating the quality of an application based on feedback from other users.

4. Downloading and Installing Apps

In the Microsoft store there are two kinds of applications, namely free and paid. How to download applications on a Windows 8 laptop From the Microsoft store, users can immediately press download if the application is free.

Or if the application is a paid application, the user must obtain a license first, therefore make sure that the amount in the user's account is sufficient to make payments. Next, wait a bit and hopefully the download goes well.

The size and speed of the internet used determines how long the procedure will take. The installation will start immediately after the download is complete. If all steps have been taken, it means that the application has been installed on the user's laptop.

5. How to download applications, run installed applications

After the application is successfully installed on a user's laptop running Windows 8, the application can be used immediately.

In order to run the recently installed application, the user can use the start menu to find it and search for the recently installed application. So all the app download operations on the Windows 8 laptop have been completed.


Despite the fact that Windows 10 has been released, there are still users who use Windows 8 as their main operating system. It is possible that laptop users still have problems downloading programs.

Therefore, the various ways to download applications on a Windows 8 laptop above may be very useful for users to download applications through the Microsoft store.

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