Free Application Download Sites for PCs and Laptops – In this article, we will provide recommendations for free application download sites for PCs and laptops. If you want to download the app, we recommend that you download it directly on the app developer's site, although sometimes it isn't always possible.

In this case, you have to go to one of the sites where you can download applications that provide a library of free applications that you can find on the internet.

Here we have five of the biggest and greatest software download sites. It is important to remember that the star rating of this download site is based on the opinion of the individual user.

List of free application download sites

Below there are free application download sites for PCs and laptops, which you can use are as follows:


Despite the fact that FileHippo is still our favourite, you have to be careful as it seems to contain a unique downloader for certain apps when you download files for the first time.

Today many popular apps can be downloaded directly from this site but be warned that some products now include adware so be careful.

However, we still believe that filehippo is a reliable site to find free apps that can be downloaded for free and can be downloaded quickly.

A unique and valuable feature is that they provide the entire version history of most of the apps so you can download the previous version of the app.


On the downside, it only has site utilities and tech tools. Instructions for each application are quite minimal with short evaluations and user ratings.

However, if you are looking for tech tools, Majorgeeks is an excellent site to download them from.


While SnapFiles offers a large number of apps to choose from, its interface is easy to use and has a modern feel.

Each app is quickly rated by the SnapFiles team and the ratings are provided by SnapFiles editors. Each application is given a star rating and some user feedback.


This is a large commercial site with great applications, organized by platform (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc).

Every app on Softpedia includes comprehensive information, such as features, user ratings, and comments from other users.

The search results on Softpedia themselves do not reveal rankings and therefore limit their value when selecting.

The selling point of this site is their claim that Softpedia is "clean 100%". For many users it may be a claim that it will increase their rating, but remember it is very easy to claim a clean 100% guarantee, but much harder to achieve!


Offers a wide range of excellent applications with a rating of user ratings and number of downloads. However, there are some negative things, especially the display of advertisements scattered around the website.


This is an article about free application download sites for PCs and laptops that you can use for free.

You can use the sites above as you wish, but each site always has different advantages and disadvantages, so use it as best you can.

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