Mathematics Learning Application for Elementary Children – For those of you who have younger siblings or children who have difficulty learning math, you can try the math learning application for elementary school children which we will recommend below.

For students who are still at the school level at the elementary level (SD), of course they already understand the complexity of mathematics, don't they?

However, children also need to know that if mathematics is studied in more depth, it can be a fun lesson, the proof is that many children at your level have won national titles, and some have even participated in world-class competitions.

One of the reasons why many students find math difficult is because they do not like challenges.

Learning mathematics requires a process, starting from remembering formulas, understanding the application and use of formulas, to solving problems using these formulas.

Indeed, everything requires reasoning, but we are sure that young people will be able to understand it if they study hard.

Apalagi saat ini belajar matematika nggak harus bersama guru saat di sekolah saja. Ada les privat, bimbel (bimbingan belajar), layanan les online dan juga belajar via application.

If your child doesn't have much time to study, then the ideal choice is to learn using a basic math learning application that can be downloaded from your smartphone.

With only 10 minutes of study a day, we believe children can catch up with their peers in terms of mastery of the material.

Apart from mathematics, elementary school children can access various learning applications for certain subjects by downloading one file.

Without further ado, here are the top free basic math learning apps for Android.

5 List of Online and Offline Mathematics Learning Applications

Below are some of the best elementary school math learning applications for Android that we describe specifically for elementary school children, namely:

1. Math Games – GunjanApps Studios

Rating : 4.4 out of 124,448 people

Even when the lesson lasts only a few minutes, have you ever felt bored studying your child doing math problems?

The explanation is clear, especially because the technique of educating math children is not quite right. Moreover, since first graders were still in the forming stage of their education, they couldn't be forced to take themselves too seriously.

For this reason, a math learning app for grade 1 elementary schools named “math game” by GunjanApps Studios is ideal for helping children learn math.

With this program, children will learn math like playing games, won't get bored and will definitely get addicted. Suitable for children from 1st grade elementary school through there are specific resources for adults too.

2. yHomework – Math Solver – Math Underground

Rating: ★4.5 out of 53,742 people

Helping kids with their math homework is the focus of this Android based software designed for elementary level math maths.

More than 50,000 users have benefited so far from the help of this app. You can also try it as a learning tool.

In addition to offering a solution, there is also an explanation of how to solve the problem. Plus, the material is broad, covering everything from basic addition for elementary students to algebra for seniors.

3. Math Tricks – Antoni Ion

Rating: ★4.5 out of 388,825 people

There are 24 math strategies that students can learn with this math learning software for elementary schools. Accompanied by explanations of tricks so that children really understand. Children's perception of mathematics will shift from difficult to simple as a result of this application.

Most of the tricks incorporate basic material such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, squaring and division, so they are suitable for students in final grades such as grades 5 and 6.

If the child can master it, we make sure that the child can answer the questions given by the instructor very quickly.

4. Learn Mathematics – KRC Studio

Rating: ★4.0 out of 299 people

KRC Studio's software for elementary school math learning is suitable for students in grades 1 and 2. Kids this age will love the user interface, which is filled with fun effects and music.

In addition to increasing children's interest in learning because it functions as an alternative to traditional learning media.

This program is also useful for strengthening your brain and helping you remember formulas and solve math problems. Guaranteed to help facilitate the calculation of math problems

5. Elementary Mathematics Formulas for Grades 1-6 – Surabaya Studio

Rating: ★4.2 out of 374 people

For students in kindergarten through sixth grade, we have created Basic Math Formulas for Grades 1-6.

We highly recommend this program for elementary school students because the material is very complete and good. The app is also small, weighing only 6.5 MB, so it doesn't take up much space on your phone.

Mathematical formulas from grade 4 onwards contain integers, roots and squares, LCM, GCF, units of length and measure, fractions, areas and spaces, as well as material about time and speed/distance. The first three classes are covered by this book.

There is no need to re-download any of these materials in materials to use them offline.


So are you ready to learn math using the various elementary math learning applications above? From now on, change your mindset from those who previously thought that mathematics was difficult to become mathematics is easy. So that all material can be absorbed by children properly.

Those are the various kinds of free offline elementary math learning applications on Android that children can use. Hopefully it can help elementary school children to learn elementary math more easily so they can get brilliant achievements at school.

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