The Best Free Cool Android Slideshow Application – Many people use the Android Slideshow application which is quite good, of course it can help users in making cool presentations or videos with many customization features, such as templates, effects, text modifications, shapes, etc.

In general, slideshow results can be saved in popular file formats such as .ppt, .mpeg, .avi, .mp4, etc. so that they can be easily accessed from other platforms such as smartphones or computers.

There are several computer applications as well as web tools that turn all your video clips and photos into beautiful video slideshows. This slideshow can be used for a variety of special events, such as graduations, birthdays, and weddings to make it more unforgettable.

List of Android Slideshow Applications

Dibawah ini terdapat berbagai application slideshow Android yang dapat kamu gunakan, sebagai berikut:

Photo Story

This application can produce slideshows and video clips easily, even just a three-step process is enough.

Users simply select photos from the gallery on their smartphone, create a slideshow with hand-picked transitions and themes, and save or share as needed.


  1. There are many unique filters, animations and subtitles
  2. The results can be exported in HD format
  3. Playback speed can be adjusted as needed


  1. Can only add a certain number of photos

PIXGRAM – Video Photo Slideshow

Pixgram is known as a simple, easy, and cool application for collecting large collections of photos and turning them into slideshows with impressive visual effects.

There are also many modification features for adjusting effects as needed.


  1. Easy social media sharing feature
  2. Has many features that are easy to use
  3. Free


  1. Only provides editing features and standard visual effects


This editor application offers a platform with many modification options and an interface that can be used.

It's easy to trim videos, apply filters, and apply templates. FilmoraGo gets a lot of attention from the community because of its professional setup.


  1. Provides a large collection of templates
  2. Provides lots of cool visual effects, like reverse, slow motion, fast motion, etc
  3. Ease of sharing on various social media


  1. Sometimes, if the file is heavy, the application becomes slow

Photo Slideshow App For Pc

Below is a photo slideshow application for PC that you need to know, including:

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is an excellent application for quickly generating slideshows, by sorting your best collection of videos and images in order and displaying them as a stunning complete.

If you want to add lots of photos to your presentation, Freemake is a great alternative.


  1. Absolutely free and no need to register first
  2. Support for many file formats for output
  3. There is a feature for uploading directly to YouTube
  4. Slideshows can also be transferred directly to DVD


  1. There are no ready-made templates in this application
  2. It only has one transition effect and you cannot add text to the slideshow

DVD Slideshow Builder

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder provides a comprehensive solution to create feature-rich slideshows even for professional use.

You can quickly combine videos and photos into slideshows along with 2D and 3D transition effects. The results can easily be posted to YouTube, iPod or TV.


  1. The use of its features is very easy. Many anyway
  2. The DVD Slideshow Builder feature offers a large collection of images, videos, and audio
  3. Simple editing operations can be implemented on the media before applying the final effect


  1. Slideshows cannot be sent directly to email or CD

Filmora Video Editor

We recommend the Filmora Video Editor app for both beginners and pros because it is rich in features but the process of producing videos and slideshows is quite easy.

It is possible to export the output in various file formats and distribute the slideshow directly on the leading social media networks.


  1. Many features can make slideshow creation more effective
  2. Intuitive interface with many easy-to-use tools
  3. Has a large selection of filters, motion elements, and overlays
  4. Supports all popular file formats
  5. Ease of uploading to social media


  1. Currently, the number of templates available is still small
  2. Likewise with the 3D effect
  3. The free version leaves a watermark on videos

Windows Movie Maker

With this video editing application, you can create slideshows from various media, including music, videos and photos. Videos can also be taken directly using the camera on a PC/laptop and then integrated into a video collection.

With this application, it is possible to add visual effects and animations to select parts of slides.


  1. Easy to use, the application is light
  2. Large selection of transition effects and visual effects
  3. Output results can be directly shared to social media


  1. Limited features when compared to other applications
  2. Supports limited file formats

Online Photo Slideshow App

Below is an online photo slideshow maker application that you can use, namely: is a fairly well-known internet (and social networking) app with quick sharing features and support for following our favorite artists or works.

Users can import videos or photos from a PC or access accessible material in their library or from other social media.


  1. Capable of doing lots of other cool things than 'just' making slideshows
  2. It has many sharing features because it is community based
  3. Users can easily import media from different social media platforms
  4. Videos can be marked as public or private
  5. Offers lots of customization options for photo transition speed


  1. Less user-friendly
  2. The video created by the work cannot be downloaded


This app is 100 percent free and includes several features for its users. As this is an online application there is no need to download this application.

Users simply add videos or music on the Photosnack platform and the slideshow files can then be shared on social media.


  1. Easy to use, to start using just sign-in with your social media accounts.
  2. No need to download software.


  1. Only a few templates support the auto play feature
  2. In general, the templates are limited
  3. The free version leaves a watermark on the slideshow


Kizoa is a well-known online video editing application that provides excellent features even without registration.

Its powerful editor features a variety of animations, transitions, visual effects and a wide selection of music to create interactive videos. Users simply change the time, length, size, location and other elements as desired.


  1. Can directly create videos and slideshows even without registration though
  2. Offers lots of customization options
  3. Offers easy aspect ratio settings
  4. The free version alone already has many impressive features


  1. The interface is a little confusing for beginners
  2. Full HD video output for paid users only


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