How to Make Photos of Apparel Products More Attractive – Many ask how to make photos of clothing products more attractive, what are they like? One of the secrets of a successful online clothing company is providing beautiful photos or pictures.

Buyers' curiosity will be triggered and they will start paying attention to the products you offer because of the stunning photos. Taking attractive photos of clothing products is a skill you will need if you are an internet merchant.

Photographing products in the form of clothing cannot be done haphazardly. Carelessness in taking pictures can make the photos unattractive and less beautiful. Granted, there are tons of photo editing tools available today, but is it ideal if the results are not satisfactory?

For those of you who are just starting an online clothing business, you must know how to photograph fashion products such as clothing so that the results are stunning.

Recommendations on how to photograph clothing products

In some products, using a beauty model is a must to create visually appealing clothing photos.

But what if you're just starting out and don't have a lot of money to invest? Don't worry, even without using a model, you can still make beautiful photos of clothing products.

For those of you who want to take photos of clothing products without using models, you can follow several ways to make photos of clothing products more attractive, namely:

1. Tidy up the clothes first by ironing them

Good looks are one of the factors that attract potential products to your clothing line. Clothes that look good even from photos can make buyers interested and see your product.

For that, you must first tidy up your clothes before taking pictures. To start, make sure it is ironed with a high shine.

Aren't clothes always clean when the photos are set? you have to shift clothes that might make them wrinkle again.

To overcome this, you need a steamer to tidy up your clothes so they always look neat.

A lint roller can be used to smooth out wrinkles on clothing that have accumulated during a photo shoot. Neatness of clothes is very important so that your photos are good and beautiful.

2. Use Mannequin Help

The purpose of photographing clothing products for sale online is to present a true picture of how the garment will be worn.

So that your potential buyers know how the clothes are used, you need to hire a model. Renting a model is very expensive and demands a big budget. To avoid this, you can use mannequins or doll figures.

Using a mannequin for a photo session is the right approach. The clothes you offer will have a more lively and attractive appearance if you use mannequins.

Compared to using models, mannequins are also more efficient because they can be reused. Hiring a model doesn't have to cost a fortune if you've just set up an online clothing store.

3. Ghost Mannequin Can Be An Alternative Option

Photos of clothes that use mannequins may have been widespread and many have used them.

For those of you who want to make photos of clothing products more unusual and interesting, you can take the ghost mannequin approach.

No mannequins are needed when applying this ghost mannequin effect to create photo realistic looking clothes and accessories.

There are 2 parts to how to make a ghost mannequin photo, first take a picture with a mannequin and then edit it. The editing that must be done is to remove the mannequin from the clothes. To modify your work, you can use any program on your computer.

4. Flatlay Photo Techniques Can Make Apparel Products More Attractive

You can test photos of clothing products without models using the flatlay photo method. This photo method is often used to photograph products such as perfume, and other products.

To begin with, this method is not recommended when photographing clothing products. However, as time went on and fashions changed, this method became more useful for capturing clothing products.

The flatlay method is suitable for clothing products such as pants, t-shirts and socks. Adding certain features and making the best possible photo background are two key elements in taking high-quality photos.

The focus should always be on the clothing when using the flatlay photo approach to product photography. Accessories and other additional features only enhance your clothing product.

5. Maximizing Lighting for the Best Photos

To make beautiful product photos, lighting is a crucial thing to pay attention to.

Lighting is very significant in the results of your product photos afterwards. Lighting must be optimized to produce high-quality photos. When photographing clothing, there are a number of techniques you can use to achieve the best exposure:

Photos taken in natural light near a window are best. Using this technique, you can achieve the brightest light possible for your clothing photography, resulting in stunning photos.

If you are required to take pictures at night, then you need to use additional lighting equipment.

To get the most out of your photos, you have to set up a makeshift studio with extra lighting. To maximize available light, cover the area with a white sheet. The light will be more even and the shadows will be less with this cloth.

6. Use a Neutral Background

Without a decent model, it's impossible to take beautiful clothing photos without also having a good photo backdrop.

When taking photos of clothing, you want to choose a background that contrasts with the product rather than blends into it.

The most preferred background color is gray or white. Your clothing will stand out more in photos of your clothing if it is dyed this color, making it more attractive to potential customers.

The background used also doesn't require white linen cloth, you can use white paper. You just need to put the product on paper and then take a photo.

7. Take Photos from the Right Angle

It's the same with photographing food and clothing. For excellent results, you have to pay attention to the angle of the photo. The results of your photos will be affected by the aspect of the photo.

It was a real challenge to point the photo in the right direction for this shot. you need to run a few trials to get the result you want.

With the help of a tripod or other accessory, getting the right photo becomes much easier. Using a tripod prevents the camera from shaky images as well as helps with angles. Image results will definitely be enhanced by making use of this tool.

To produce beautiful product photos, it takes great effort in shooting. For beginners, you may have to learn a little more to make great clothes photos without a model.

This learning process is not easy and fast. You need quite a long experience in shooting. Take it easy for those of you who are just starting an online clothing business and want to get good product photos, you can use clothing product photo services.


Thus the article on how to make photos of clothing products more attractive, we hope you can understand the method above easily, and hopefully after reading the article above it can help you to get more attractive photos.

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