How to Combine Photos and Boomerangs – Did you know that on Instagram, boomerangs and photos can be combined? how to combine photo and boomerang? in this article, we will recommend how to combine photos and boomerangs on Instagram.

Not only can upload ordinary photos, on application In the latest version of Instagram, you can do other things on Instagram with a photo. One of them is to combine Boomerang videos and photos on our own Instagram.

For those of you who don't know, boomerangs are moving photos with certain effects that are now widely used by Instagram users. You can use Boomerang in your Instagram status or story posts.

So that we can make interesting insta stories to show our friends or followers on the Instagram application.

Because this can certainly attract the attention of anyone who sees it, then we can later make this story a highlight on our Instagram profile.

Because it's not difficult to attract Instagram followers by making it a highlight on Instagram and using edits such as combining boomerang videos and photos.

How to Combine Boomerangs and Photos

How to combine Boomerang and photos requires a third party application. But before that, make sure you have prepared Boomerang videos and photos so they can be put together.

To make Boomerang videos, you can use the Boomerang application, which you can get on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, the photo is free to use any photo (You can also edit the photo, it doesn't have to be the original photo from the camera shot).

If both are ready, then you can combine the two by following these steps:

  1. The first step, please first download the application that combines boomerang and photos, namely the 'unfolds' application on the Google Play Store if using an Android cellphone or the App Store if on an iPhone.
  2. If it's already installed, open the application then click the + icon on the main menu of the Unravel application.
  3. Create a title for your Instagram story then click the + sign back.
  4. Select one of the columns as desired to combine Boomerang photos and videos.
    Add photos in your mobile gallery.
  5. Don't forget to add writing according to the theme of the story that you will upload to make it more interesting.
    Add Boomerang videos in your cellphone gallery.
  6. Finally, share to the Instagram page. Apart from being shared on our own Instagram feed, you can also share the results on Instagram stories.

The following steps are very similar to what you do when creating an Instagram story. The opened application can also be used to combine 2 Boomerangs. Besides being stretched, there are more programs that you can take advantage of.


How is it not difficult right? That's how you can combine photos and boomerangs on IG.

Good luck and make it as creative as possible so that more people are interested.

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