Korean song download application on an Android phone

Rancakmedia.com - For you Korean song lovers, now there is a Korean song download application that you can download easily, you know. Listening to music has become a hobby and even a habit for certain individuals to complement their activities.

Especially now that there are various music programs that you can use to search for music and listen to it anywhere and anytime from your smartphone.

Pasti sebagian dari kamu adalah penggemar K-Pop bukan? Nah, kali ini kami akan membahas 10 application download lagu korea di HP Android Terbaik dan Gratis. Buat kalian para pecinta K-Pop, wajib simak review kami yang satu ini!

List of Applications for Downloading Korean Songs on Android Phones

Below we will recommend any application that can be used to easily download Korean songs, including:

Spotify Music

For music lovers who update, of course they already have Spotify Music on their cellphones. Yes! we can enjoy various kinds of songs from around the world and download them directly to our cellphones (premium feature).

Spotify Music is one of the best song download apps out there. Easy song search feature, as well as a complete library. You can even see the lyrics displayed, you know?


JOOX is the most commonly used music player for Android users in Indonesia. Besides being free, you can also see the lyrics of the song you're listening to!

You can unlock more premium JOOX features by sharing tracks from your personal playlist with your social media contacts.

Isn't that simple? Apart from that, JOOX can be listened to offline by downloading the songs you want and including them in your playlist.

No less complete than Spotify music, JOOX also features a save song feature for offline listening. You can also see recommendations offered by JOOX, live and karaoke music.

To get maximum features, please subscribe to VIP guaranteed you will be satisfied with this one application.


Several Korean music programs rely on MelOn, an internet streaming application, to determine the status of Korean music charts for this particular application.

MelOn helps Korean musicians as a reference for how popular their songs are among the audience.

You can use this app to help your favorite musicians win the charts! MelOn's Korean song has been fully verified and includes lyrics in Korean.


It is highly recommended by us that Korean fans who have a large collection of Korean music but cannot read the lyrics use Musixmatch.

This application plays songs that are on your smartphone and will automatically display the lyrics. And the awesome part is that the lyrics may appear in a pop up when you start other apps!

So you can sing while chatting with friends or social media updates and you don't have to launch the Musixmatch app to check the lyrics.


Apart from MelOn, Soribada is also a legal Korean song download application. This app is also designed to help Korean musicians win the charts.

Soribada has many overseas users who cannot register because they do not have the necessary Korean social security numbers to do so.

But don't worry! Anyone interested in creating an account on soribada can ask a friend for help.

Besides being able to help your favorite Korean musicians, Korean song download sites it also allows you to legally download songs, and the selection of songs available is impressive.

Genie Music

Genie Music is a song streaming application that is also used to determine the popularity of a song on music charts, like the previous two.

Unlike soribada, you can quickly access Genie Music. You can check-in using social media accounts such as Facebook or Kakao Talk.

Naver Music

Naver Music is also a Korean song streaming application that you can download on your Android! But you must have a Naver account first to stream on this application.

Naver Music has the same goal as other Korean streaming services: to let you support your favorite Korean musicians as they compete in various music competitions and on the Internet Singles Charts.

Creating an account is also as easy as creating other social media accounts. For the completeness of the song, don't ask, it must be complete!


You may use this one music player application not only to listen to the songs of your favorite Korean musicians! Many of them use Soundcloud to post some songs they've made that haven't been released anywhere, or maybe they made songs just for fun.

You can also listen to some covers of your favorite Korean musicians. Guys, don't limit yourself to listening to music from official albums and singles.

Google Play Music

Albumart can be downloaded quickly and easily using this application. What if the albumart for your favorite Korean song doesn't match or even looks a bit like the song you downloaded? you can replace it with the Google Play Music app.

Google Play Store offers a free download of this app. Since smartphones do not have a built-in music player, Google Play Music is the default music player for these devices.


MP3 files can be played with the free ALSong music player app on your smartphone or computer. This app allows you to find lyrics for free so you don't have to bother looking for song lyrics on Google!

Additionally, ALSong recently produced the ALSong Kpop Edition! For those of you who can't read Korean, you can change it in alphabetical form for how to pronounce it. Fun is not it?


That is the Korean song download application that you can download through the applications above. Then which is the best recommendation from us among the five Korean song download applications above? From us, we are Spotify Music and JOOX with a VIP/Premium feature subscription.

The application above has its own interesting features that make people interested in trying it, use the application above according to your needs.

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