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Rancakmedia.com – The following iPhone and iPad sound recording programs may be quite useful for those of you who always need voice recording. Because you can now take advantage of audio recording capabilities for a variety of purposes other than taking notes.

In fact, ordinary devices usually do not have complete sound recording capabilities. Even if there are, of course the tools or features they provide are basic and limited.

Third-party apps may be a viable option when looking for the best voice recorder for your device of choice.

No exception on iOS-based gadgets such as iPhone and iPad. As a reference, we reviewed a list of the 10 best voice recorder applications for iPhone and iPad that you can try and see for yourself.

List of iPhone and iPad Voice Recorder Apps

Below are iPhone and iPad sound recordings that you can try for free and for free, namely:

1. Voice Recorder (FREE) (iPhone + iPad) – Free

The application built by the developer TapMedia Ltd can also be used to produce sound recordings with great results.

You can record as long as you like, trim recordings, adjust playback speed, and a number of other useful options with this app.

2. Notes: Supernote Recorder, Note, Photos Notepad (iPhone + iPad) – Free

Most of the purposes for recording sound on a device are mainly for memo needs. Because of this, the free iPhone voice recorder app from the developer FITNESS22 LTD lets you record voice memos easily and quickly too.

Because this Notes application is a special application for making voice memos.

3. Voice Record Pro (iPhone + iPad) – Free

As the name suggests, this app is really a very professional form of recording app. Recording voice has never been easier with Dayana Networks' free app. There is no way the quality and results will let you down.

4. Awesome Note 2 – All in One Organizer (iPhone + iPad) – Paid

Not much different from other voice recording software, the Awesome Note 2 application made by the creators of BRID also offers many extraordinary recording capabilities.

This premium application is easier, adaptive, and user friendly. So that applications that have many features and ease of use can be enjoyed by users.

5. Evernote – Stay Organized (iPhone + iPad) – Free

This free app built by Evernote is basically an organized app. However, the Evernote app is also packed with some fantastic note-taking functions, one of which is the voice recording option.

This Evernote application still allows you to capture sound for various purposes.

6. Recorder & Editor (iPhone + iPad) – Paid

This premium audio recording application produced by Tapparatus can also be said to be one of the top audio recording applications for the iOS version.

From recording or importing audio to trimming audio, rearranging audio or sharing audio, this app has five amazing functions. This application is also user friendly so it is very easy to use.

7. AudioNote – Notepad and Voice Recorder (iPhone + iPad) – Paid

This premium app is basically an app to generate notepad-like reminders. However, with the application produced by Luminant Software, users can also make voice recordings or voice recorders.

This is of course because this application is also packed with a wide range of voice recorder functions.

8. Recorder Pro: Professional Voice Recording (iPhone + iPad) – Paid

As the name implies, this paid recording application made by the creators of Perception Systems can really be claimed as a professional recording application.

This is because the Recorder Pro application has a wide range of high-quality voice recorder functions.

9. HT Professional Recorder (iPhone + iPad) – Paid

If you really want a professional voice recorder application, then this application produced by Applied Voices LLC might be one of the most acceptable alternatives.

The reason for this is that this app has at least ten useful functions to record audio at the highest possible quality.

10. Dictaphone – Voice Dictation Assistant (iPhone + iPad) – Free

This Dictaphone app is the last high-quality iPhone recording software that you can try.

Because this free application built by ALON Software Ltd also offers a lot of amazing features.

So do not be surprised if this application can be used to produce sound recordings of the highest quality.


Those are the top voice recorder apps for iPhone and iPad that you can test. Once you have a reference, you no longer need to feel confused.

We hope that the information about iOS apps highlighted above will be a useful and valuable reference.

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