Remote Wifi Signal Booster App – Most Wifi users always get a bad signal, in this article, we will recommend a long distance wifi signal booster application that can be useful for you to get a strong signal.

Even if you have a super-sophisticated and newest smartphone, it won't be pleasant to use if there's no signal that can be received. So, if you are having problems with the signal, it's a good idea to try downloading a signal booster application.

On the Playstore, there are lots of signal booster applications that claim to increase the wifi signal by several percent. However, in practice, not all applications run as expected.

For this reason, here we want to reveal a wifi signal booster application that is very effective for dealing with distant wifi signals, and apart from that we also make articles iPhone wifi signal booster app.

List of Wifi Signal Booster Applications

The following applications are applications that we have chosen and recommend. They can strengthen the wifi signal over long distances and you can apply them to Android phones such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Asus or iPhone. Here's the review:

1. Signal Booster Application – Open Signal

Have you ever gone round or round the house so that the wifi signal is good? Yes, we've done that too. Some even go up to the top of the house to get a strong wifi signal.

Now you don't have to embarrass your neighbors if you have to go up to the top of the house. There is an application to produce a strong wifi signal with this open signal wifi signal booster, you know.

Because the map and radar in this app will show you exactly where there is a strong signal. With the availability of this application, you no longer need to bother hunting for areas to receive signals.

2. Connection Stabilizer Booster

This app can rebuild wifi network automatically when unplugged. Not only wifi networks, this app is amazing in optimizing 4G and 3G to keep the network connected.

Despite the fact that wifi is widely used, you still have the option to prioritize your connection.

3. Signal Info Network

Network signal can detect the wifi signal you are using, because the signal bars on the phone may not be correct.

This app contains great information, with 14 bars showing the wifi signal. Of course much different from cell phones that only have 5 signal bars.

The purpose of this app is not to improve the wifi signal, but rather to give you information about how strong the wifi signal is now.

4. Wifi Signal Booster Application – Network Signal Speed Booster

Well, if this app can boost wifi signal, then it's clear from its name that it is a signal booster.

The wifi signal will be strengthened by this app and will do it in a reliable way. The only thing that needs to be done is to increase the current location's wifi signal.

5. Network Signal Speed Booster

There may be problems with slow wifi signal when using free hotspots, which are often found in public settings.

Because speed is often shared with other people if the hotspot is free. But with this wifi speed booster signal booster app you can improve signal reception.

This application can also maximize wifi signal reception even though many people are using wifi.

6. Wi-Fi Overview 360

Wifi Overview 360 tries to find the strongest possible wifi signal. If you use this app you can optimize and control wifi using channel checker and channel radar.

This app will show details about different wireless networks and select the channels used by some of those networks.

7. Wi-Fi Analyzer

One option to get a better wifi signal booster is to use this app. Wifi analyzer helps optimize wifi connection on your android phone.

Utilizing this application, for example in public places to connect your cellphone, is quite profitable.

8. Wifi analyzer By Abdelrahman M. Sid

This application offers very important capabilities such as calculating data in real time and being able to search for hidden wifi connections.

Of course, this application can be a suggestion for the best wifi signal booster application considering the characteristics it offers.

You will be able to see which areas of the house have a good wifi signal, which is useful information.

9. Connection stabilizer booster

Active keep alive is one of the three advanced features of this app, and it is responsible for optimizing redundant traffic.

Actively rejoin, this function can reconnect if one day your network is disconnected.

10. Network Cell Info Lite – Mobile & Wifi Signal

Using this app, you can see how fast your current wifi signal is used.

If you are looking for the best wifi signal, use the best signal finder option to find the closest one.

11. WiFi Doctor Free – Booster Speed & Security Check

In addition to a strong signal, a secure wifi network is also a necessity.

If the security is not strong, your data can be broken into. So, with that, we offer this free wifi doctor application to keep you safe.

12. Wifi Network Signal Booster

The 12th wifi signal booster app is a wifi network signal booster. With one touch, this app can not only boost wifi signal but also 4G cellular signal.

After making modifications, you will then wait 60 seconds to feel the difference in wifi signal strength.

13. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

The app has experienced a surge in popularity in recent days, with more people downloading it than usual.

So you don't need to doubt this signal booster application anymore. You can also check data usage reports, so you can optimize data usage.

14. SuperWifi Signal Booster Speed Test & Manager

You can tell from the name alone, this application offers many capabilities or is versatile. This application can also access network settings even if you forget the password.

Keys and passwords for other router manufacturers and versions can also be retrieved using this app.

15. Internet Booster & Optimizer

The last application to strengthen the wifi signal is internet booster & optimizer. Even if you have joined an expensive and reliable ISP, sometimes the internet connection may be inadequate or bad.

Therefore, we propose an internet booster & optimizer app, with this app you can boost your mobile device like cleaning RAM, DNS Flushing and cache optimization.


Those are the recommendations for our recommended remote wifi signal booster application, you can try some of the applications above to get a strong wifi signal.

After you read the article above, we hope the article above can be helpful and useful for you, good luck.

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