Trusted Used Car Buying and Selling Application – Did you know that there are applications for buying and selling used cars that can help you find used cars, even though the applications below are trusted, you must remain vigilant about fraud, OK?

There are various applications that might be used as reference material if you want to buy a used car. Several buying and selling service applications are also free and no less complete than the showroom at your location. Or even several application already connected to the showroom.

This time we will present information about a trusted used car buying and selling application which can be a source of reference for friends who want a used car. Various interesting features, such as discussion sections and reviews from other users, can be found in certain applications.

Therefore, for those of you who are looking for a used car, you don't need to worry, you can take advantage of various applications in the Appstore and Playstore.

List of Applications for Buying and Selling Used Cars

Some of the apps listed on Playstore are free apps. The complete list can be seen below.

1. Mobil123

One of the top car buying and selling applications is Mobil123. Unlike apps that are solely focused on buying and selling cars, this app already has a large and dedicated following who are willing to sell their products on the platform. This program also has a very large number of downloads.

2. OLX

In addition to selling various products such as electronics and household needs, this application is also one of the top centers.

OLX provides easy-to-understand features and many customers have proven to be happy buying and selling cars on OLX.

3. OTO

In addition to an extensive website that is hard to fake, Oto also offers a motorbike file buying and selling application with many dedicated users.

Where in this application you will find it easy to find used car locations including cars and motorcycles on demand.

4. Cars

Maybe not many people know about this used car buying and selling program. Where this used car buying and selling program makes it easy for users to find out the details of the vehicle they are looking for. Unfortunately, this program has not been widely used.

4. Mobile

The second program is carmudi, where this application only concentrates on buying and selling motorized cars. There are many interesting stalls in Carmudi that can attract the attention of those of you who intend to buy a used car unit.

5. Cardudi

The next application is carmudi, where this application only focuses on buying and selling used cars.

There are lots of interesting stalls in Carmudi that might interest those of you who are planning to buy a used car unit.

6. GOGO Mobilindo

Next, there is Gogo Mobilindo, where you can use this application to buy and sell old and new cars from Gogo Mobilindo dealers.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use app, look no further than this one.

7. Selling Used Cars

If you're looking for a reliable used car, you might want to check out an app called Sell Used Cars. Where in this application there are various conveniences that are very beneficial for users.

Users will also be provided with comprehensive information about the used bicycles on offer.

8. Loka Car

For those of you who live in the Palembang area, don't worry because there is already a car buying and selling application specifically for the Palembang area.

This app, Car Loka, is potentially very useful. There are many cars that can be accessed in this application, of course the available cars are cars from the Palembang area only.

9. Buying and selling Kaskus

To complement Kasukas, Playstore offers a selection of free buying and selling applications. Where this program makes it easy for users to buy and sell from various merchants throughout Indonesia.

The program also generally offers lots of interesting used car listings, even though it's an app that specializes in buying and selling cars.

10. Belimob

If you want to buy a used car, ask your friends on their cell phones to check Belimob. You can also receive more income with this program just by suggesting some cars to potential buyers.

11. MyRajaMobil

An app that includes the main functionality for buying and selling might also be an interesting app. Where this one application makes it easy for its users to buy and sell cars. The conversation function and other pro member conveniences are just a few of the useful features.

12. Trovit

Buying and selling cars and motorbikes is easy with Trovit. Trovit offers tens of thousands of used car listings in a wide variety of car conditions. Friends looking for a used car can take advantage of Trovit's search function.


So, that's a list of used car buying and selling applications that you can install. Some of the available applications certainly provide detailed information about the condition of the car that will be sold.

To ensure that you can get a good performing car at a reasonable price, we recommend that you do not rely solely on one source. Owning a dream car is the dream of many people.

Even though sometimes we hunt for our dream car, it's still limited to used cars to lower the price of new cars, which usually have quite an expensive difference with used cars.

By using various intermediary media, such as applications, it is easy to find used cars. Thus the review of the Trusted Used Car Buying and Selling Application, hopefully this is useful.

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