Best Free Android Barcode Scan Application Bar code or what is commonly called a barcode is now one of the things that is often encountered. There is a barcode scanning application that you can try at home, you know.

Perlu menggunakan aplikasi scan barcode untuk mengakses data yang tersimpan di dalam kode batang. Oleh karena itu, pada artikel kali ini kami telah membuat beberapa saran application scan barcode 2022 yang paling menjanjikan.

List of Free & Best Barcode Scan Applications for 2022

In the following, we present some of the most popular barcode scanning applications in 2022 and, of course, you can get them for free on the Play Store.

1. QR Droid Private and QR Droid

QR Droid Private and QR Droid are applications made by DroidLa. One of the differences between the two is the number of permissions required for access.

QR Droid Private requires fewer permissions than QR Droid. So, QR Droid allows you to be able to create QR codes that are designed when you want to exchange bookmarks, contacts, geographic paths, to application installations.

Meanwhile, the sort and group features in this app help in organizing and retrieving QR code scan history.

In addition, a QR Droid Widget is available, allowing users to use this Android barcode scanning app on the screen much faster.

For the most part, today's smartphones allow scanning of original QR codes.

Therefore, previous versions of cellphone users can of course still use barcode or QR scan applications. In order to be able to access the material linked with the QR code.

2. Barcode Scanner Pro

Various product specific details can be obtained relatively easily thanks to Barcode Scanner Pro. There is a professional scanning technology used in this easy to use barcode scanning application.

Almost all displayed barcodes or QR codes can be scanned with this application. You can also generate your own unique QR code and distribute it to your social networks.

That said, Barcode Scanner Pro is one of the top barcode scanning apps that helps users to be able to scan specific barcodes or QR codes.

In addition to quickly and easily obtaining information through scanning barcodes in this application, Barcode Scanner Pro is also incorporated in a versatile application.

Because you can do various scans with just one application.

3. QR & Barcode Scanner

The first application suggested is QR & Barcode Scanner. This application allows you to get barcode scan results quickly.

It is important to note that the main purpose of this barcode scanning app is not to provide a specific code.

However, QR & Barcode Scanner can also guide you to the web, location, complete product information, to Wi-Fi data.

When you scan a product's barcode, the app will reveal live internet prices from multiple merchants.

Of course this makes it easier for you to be able to make choices, considering its functions, especially the shopping aspect in this application. The operation of this application is quite easy, you just need to point the camera at the code to be scanned.

The availability of the scan history function allows you to easily verify previously scanned objects.

QR & Barcode Scanner is a free barcode scanning program which means you can download it for free. However, while using it, you may see advertisements.

Apart from that, this app is very easy to use. The idea is that you just point your phone at the QR or barcode you want to scan. So you don't need to press the button again, the application will scan it automatically.

Various types of QR and barcodes can be scanned easily through this application, such as ISBN, URL, text, contact, email, calendar, text and so on.

4. QRbot

The next recommended barcode scanning application is the QRbot application. An eye-catching dark blue and white color scheme greets you at the top of the page.

The main aim of this app is to scan different types of barcodes to generate barcodes with this barcode scanning app.

In contrast, QRbot is nothing more than a QR and Barcode Reader software in a new, prettier design. This application maker also has several features.

Since both apps are made by the same team, don't be surprised if their interface and functionality are pretty much identical.

Apart from that, QRbot's user interface looks very basic and is developed so that it can be easily understood by its users.

Meanwhile, the codes that can be read by this application include scanning STNK barcodes, WiFi, eFaktur, BPOM, and others.

Interestingly, QRbot is not only meant to simply read scanned barcodes, you can also create your own barcodes with the help of this application. Generating barcodes is also a simple and fast process.

5. Entry Manager

Entry Manager is a barcode scanning application that allows users to be able to scan barcodes on tickets, it seeks to make verification more secure.

Logistics management can be simplified with the use of this scan. It is very important to implement barcode ticket management in any form of event management business.

Entry Manager is the only free platform that improves line management efficiency and reduces event administrative burden.

6. Scanlife Barcode & QR Reader

This all-in-one barcode scanning app lets you scan product barcodes into different QR codes.

It is true that this application is not only used for smart buying. However, you can use it as information for things like prices and customer reviews.

With the personal shopper option, you can get quick information about special offers and current specials.

Not only that, information about the latest discounts from local and worldwide retailers can be found easily.

So this scanning app is a bit different from the others, as you can quickly check product reviews before buying one. Human activities have become more convenient in several ways as a result of technological advances.

Generally, certain barcode and QR code scanner applications can be accessed on a limited basis to scan certain QR codes.

This means you have to scan another application, if the QR code to be scanned is not supported by the connected application. Installing many applications, of course, fills up the cellphone memory.

Therefore, you can install Scanlife Barcode & QR Reader, so that you don't install too many applications connected to code scanning.

7. NeoReader

NeoReader has a QR code scanner feature that is universal, this is because you can use it as a scanner for all types of conventional barcodes.

Examples of standard barcodes include code 128, data QR code, Aztec code, PDF 417, matrix EAN and UPC. Among the best scanner apps this barcode scanner software comes in the top.

In addition, NeoReader can also recognize barcode types automatically, and QR code reading can be done from all angles.

Now with the presence of a barcode scanner application, it is a type of technological progress that can be utilized to facilitate human activities from various aspects.

Each of these scanning apps offers its own advantages, but which one will you choose?


Thus the article about the best Android barcode scanning application that we have summarized for you from various sources. Which of the above applications have you used? or, from the application above, what application have you used?

Hopefully, this article about the best Android barcode scanning application can be useful and can help you.

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