World's Best Free Video Calling App – Nowadays free video calling apps are widely used by people who have always been fascinated by the idea of face-to-face connection even when separated by great distances.

There is no doubt that video calling is a convenient and fun way to communicate with each other.

These days, even the most advanced video calling apps are quite flexible and useful.

In the past, remote face-to-face activities could only be done using a PC, but now you can just take advantage of it application via Android and iPhone devices.

List of Free Video Calling Applications

Below are several video call applications that can be made worldwide, namely as follows:


No discussion of video calling apk would be complete without mentioning Skype. Many people are now using this cutting-edge video communication application. Even reached 250 million.

Many people use Skype because it provides a number of advanced capabilities such as texting and voice calling services.

2. Google Meet

One of the biggest unique video calling apps that you can easily get from the Google Play Store.

Using Google's latest application, you may have a pleasant video calling experience with guaranteed security.

3. Zoom

Face-to-face contact is preferred by WFH staff during this epidemic, and Zoom is the preferred method of doing so.

Through this application, you can interact with many people practically. By using this video calling app, you can enjoy crystal clear HD videos and lightning fast server speed.

4. WhatsApp

This isn't just a messaging app; WhatsApp can also be used to make video calls.

Through WhatsApp you can still communicate with at least fifty people via video call at once. Make sure you have updated the app and it is compatible with your device.


Besides being famous for its various kinds of interesting stickers, Line is also equipped with the latest video call feature.

This application, which has been used by more than 600 million people, has more or less the same uses as Skype and Hangouts. If you are interested in using it, go here to get it.

6. Messengers

Facebook certainly doesn't want to be outdone by other applications that offer video call services. With Messenger's video call function, you can make calls quickly and conveniently.

Only by touching the telephone symbol, you can immediately connect with the contact in question.

7. Google Duo

Although relatively young, Google Duo already has a fairly large application base. This Google app provides a straightforward and easy-to-use service interface for everyone who wants to take advantage of it.

This secure video calling app is worth downloading and trying now.

8. WeChat

This rival of Line and WhatsApp also delivers a very good video calling service. Voice calls can also be made in groups.

This application allows you to relate to colleagues, girlfriends, family very realistically. So, if you are interested, go ahead and get it right now.

9. KakaoTalk

This video call application can be used on various platforms such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The number of users alone has reached more than 115 million globally, especially in the Asian region.

Voice, Android Wear, and group conversations are just a few of the many capabilities that KakaoTalk has to offer.

10. Hangouts

This application can be found on almost all Android devices. This application under the jurisdiction of Google allows you to communicate with many people via video calls.

Using a laptop, even the person you are talking to can receive phone calls. Interested? Get it for free exclusively on Google Playstore!

11. Imo

Imo is a fantastic app for video calls. Imo allows every user to make voice and video calls very easily.

This can also be done using all forms of connections such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G to wifi. Interestingly, this application is relatively light in size.

12. JustTalk

Download JusTalk if you want to make video calls fast, clear and practical. Video calls can be made with this advanced application, but group chats are not supported.

It's fun and rewarding to take advantage of JusTalk's unique features.

13. Holla

Besides being able to be used for video calling activities, Holla is said to be also well-known as a dating application. You who are single can of course use the Holla video call tool to meet someone.

Only after you two are paired with each other, of course. Already interested?

14. Tangos

This application is known as the best video call software ever. You don't need to doubt the quality of video calls from Tango anymore.

This is because Tango developers always add the best features to their applications. So far, Tango has managed to attract a large number of users.

15. Discord

The Discord video calling application allows you to enjoy not only chat services but also video calls and audio messages.

Discord has a variety of useful features that can be customized to suit each user's preferences. You can also change your custom emoji as you wish.


How? After reading the article above about the best free video call applications around the world, have you found the best video call application that you want to look for?

Don't forget to make sure that all of these applications are safe to use and encrypted so that your important conversation data can be safe.

Thus the article about the best free video call application in the whole world, I hope this is useful.

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