Best Picture Quality Video Calling App – Many don't know about video call applications that have the best image quality, so in this article we will provide a series of video call applications with the best image quality.

Video call application is a technical invention that has helped humans to advance in communication. If in the past video calls only happened in future genre film series, today we can all do it.

With the help of Android video calling apps, you and all of us can easily connect and meet face to face. It is incredible and incredible that this was once thought impossible.

10 list of the best video calling applications

There are a large number of excellent video calling software options available today. When we summarize and collect free video calling programs that are ready for you to use.

1. Hangouts

Who doesn't know Google, a large online company? Searches performed using this company's engine consistently yield positive results. Apart from search engines, they make for fantastic video calling apps.

Hangouts allows you to send and receive text messages in the form of sms and mms. Thus, switching between the two is very easy. PC video calling applications can also be used, in addition to smartphones.

A group in a hangout can have up to 150 people as members. This is something interesting where you and your group members can meet each other face to face using this top android video calling app.

2. IMO Free Video Calls and Chat

Now is the chance to make free calls using imo video calling app. Text and phone call costs are avoidable for anyone, anywhere.

Everything is free with no fees and time limits to do it. You can only call whoever you want using a 3G, 4G, or wifi internet connection in a big city.

Video calls and phone calls in high definition over 3G networks. So that when you communicate, you can clearly hear and see the person you are talking to.

3. Skype – Free IM & Video Calls

Before the flurry of android-based apps, Skype was one of the first to come as video calling software. Skype, the video calling app for Android, is now available for calling Android devices.

So no matter what device you use, it's all free to make video calls and make calls.

For group calls, the capacity is less than Google Hangout which is only 25 participants. But for group chats can accept contacts up to 300 people.

Skype can be used across a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and Macs, as previously mentioned.

4. Messengers

For this Android video call application, we are sure that all of you are very familiar. Yes, the Facebook Messenger app lets you communicate with friends and family. And of course this is also free that Facebook provides for you and all of us.

Friends can be linked automatically if you already have a Facebook account. Using Facebook's video calling app, you can message anyone in your phone contacts, not just those on Facebook.

5. LINE: Free Calls & Messages

In Indonesia, web apps are quite popular because they are heavily promoted. One line of advertising that has developed is the small drama film AADC.

Line applications are used in character communication throughout the game, which is filled with amorous sentiments. In general, Android video calling apps are useful for line functionality.

With these top Android video calling apps, you can make free video calls, phone calls, text messages, and picture messaging, among others. So if you haven't installed the line application yet, hurry up and get the application for free here.


So apart from line, there is WeChat which is also advertising heavily through advertisements on television media. But it doesn't resonate as a little drama, depicted by love and pride.

But why are you using WeChat?

With WeChat, you can send video chats, photo messages, texts and voice communications. Sending voice recordings via WeChat can bring back memories of showing WeChat ads.

One of WeChat's features is the ability to host groups of up to 500 people in one chat or make group phone calls of up to nine people. Maybe it's a good idea for those of you who have a large family to take advantage of the WeChat online video call application as a meeting place.

7. Viber

Viber seems to be quite popular among Android users as well. It is proven that Viber has a fairly high number of users, specifically 771 million users in all regions of the world.

Video calls, voice calls, and text messages are all free on Viber. If you want to call a landline number, Viber makes it easy to do it.

Cheap Viber calling rates to landlines is one of the app's most attractive calls. Viber is the cheapest tango voice & video calling app.

8. KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

Remember Sherina Munaf? Or with a distinctive kakotalk ringtone sound? Yes, this application with the characteristic yellow and brown colors can send messages quickly in the world.

They claim as such on their app publish page. They even say that sending messages using KakaoTalk is without pending.

It's amazing how similar the features of this app are to other similar features. But what makes it more useful than other video calling apps is its unmatched speed.

9. ICQ video calls & chat

Maybe, this is a sound that is foreign to the ears of today's youth. Still some 10 years ago icq was a very commonly used application. However, ICQ was only available on Windows based PCs at that time.

However, a free video calling application called ICQ is now accessible to Android users.

Making phone calls produces crystal clear sound. Then the advantage that no other program has is the unlimited capacity of group chats.

10. ooVoo Video Call, Text & Voice

The ooVoo video calling app, at number 10, allows users to make and receive high-quality video and audio calls and text messages for free.

For group video calls, ooVoo can provide crystal clear audio and video for up to 12 participants.

This app is cross-platform friendly and can be used on almost any device. Available so far for more than 300 popular android phones and tablets and keep being added for more.


Thus the article about the best image quality video call application, in the article above which application have you tried? or have you not tried all the applications above? Immediately install the application above to get good quality video calls.

Hopefully this article about the best image quality video call application can help you, good luck. We also have articles regarding the world's best free video call application.

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