Easy Ways to Make Graffiti Writing in Microsoft Word

Rancakmedia.com – Did you know that we can make Graffiti in Microsoft Word? In the past individuals had to make use of cans of spray paint, simple walls and a strong ability to generate Graffiti.

But now with the Android application, you can very quickly write Graffiti with any words you want, there are many possibilities and with just a few clicks on your smartphone.

Graffiti is a contemporary art style in which words, pictures and symbols are scrawled on walls using a combination of color, line, shape and volume.

In the past, Graffiti was painted manually on the walls and not often done by novice artists so that the results were so beautiful that all eyes were on him.

Now you are very lucky, especially for those of you who don't have the talent to produce Graffiti.

By using application android or computer, you can produce graffiti easily and the results are nothing short of fantastic!

With this application you can get ideas, produce Graffiti art, or just want to exchange files or share pictures with your social network acquaintances.

So this application is not only for beginners, for those of you who are experts or experts in producing Graffiti can use this application for design, before sticking it on the wall to do it manually.

Graffiti can be made using any combination of colors, shapes, lines and sizes that you like.

In this article, I will discuss how to make 3D Graffiti writing in Microsoft Word. How are you interested in showing it in your document?

In producing a paper that is formal, semi-formal, or non-formal, of course, we need excellent results.

To be successful, you need to know some techniques or talents. We should use the 3D text of the data if the information is of interest.

3D text capability is also available in Microsoft Word. If a text is made in 3D, it will be more lively and interesting because it can be seen from various sides or points of view.

The 3D dimension shows that it can be seen from 3 sides, namely up-down, front-back, and right-left.

How to Make Graffiti Writing in Microsoft Word

Here are ways to produce cool writing in MS Word, including:

  1. Open the Microsoft Word Program
  2. Create text using WordArd
  3. After we create Word Art then click the 3D menu
  4. Next, let's examine the 3D settings by observing the existing features, such as:

Shadows Here you can change the shadow, i.e. we can change the Color, Size, Angle, Blur, Transparency, and Distance.

reflection Here we can set the Reflection, that is, we can change the Size, Blur, Transparency, and Distance. The difference with the shadow, if the shadow makes a parallel image while the reflection forms a mirror image.

glow Here we can adjust the Glow, that is, we can change the Transparency, Size, and color. If we give a text a glow it looks like it has 2 (two) shadows.

3-Dformat Here we are free to choose the type of bevel we want.

3-D Rotation Here we can edit the rotation, we create 3D text from where we want to see it, this feature provides from 3 (three) directions.


Thus the article that discusses Easy Ways to Make Graffiti Writing in Microsoft Word, there are various ways you can do it, hope this is useful.

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