How to Backup Android Apps to APK – Many don't know and are still wondering how to backup Android applications to APK? Doing a backup process is not always done, considering that you can directly install Android applications from the Google Play Store.

However, there are several conditions that require you to backup Android applications into APKs, for example when you want to do a factory data reset.

Data and applications on your Android Smartphone will be deleted if you do a factory reset or restore HP data to factory settings. As a result, before doing a factory reset, back up all your Android apps.

By backing up Android applications loaded on your smartphone, later you can easily restore all of these applications.

While you can re-download all apps, the process will take longer. Even more so if you use a data plan for browsing and don't use WiFi.

If you re-download all of these applications, your internet quota will run out very quickly.

How to Backup All Android Apps to APK

Actually, how to backup Android applications is not only done when you want to reset cellphone data. Sending apps to other phones or friends' Android phones is also possible using this method.

To carry out the backup procedure, there are many free applications that you can make use of. All these Android apps can be used for free to back up your Android apps into APK files.

To back up apps on Android Smartphone, please follow these instructions. The first step is to set up a backup application, such as App Backup Restore, on the Android smartphone within the application.

If so, launch the app and select Allow when prompted to access storage. Next, on the main screen of the application, you will see a list of applications installed on your Android Smartphone. Select all the apps you want to backup, then click Backup.

After that, the backup process will take place, so please just wait until it's finished. If the Android app backup procedure is complete, a success statement will appear and it will also reveal the number of apps that have been backed up.

Thus, you have successfully backed up your Android apps.

Where to View Backup APK Files?

All your APK files will appear in the File Manager after you complete the backup procedure. Open File Manager of your Android app and check your files.

After the Android File Manager opens, please access the App Backup Restore folder. Once you've done that, go ahead and head over to the Archived folder to see all the APK files generated from your Android app backup.

Now, if you want to transfer all APK files to memory card, please move them. Of course this is necessary if you want to do a factory data wipe because all data on Android's internal storage will be destroyed.

So, so that the backup file is not deleted, it must be relocated to a memory card or transferred to a Laptop/PC before resetting.

How to Reinstall the Backup APK File?

To restore all the applications that you have backed up, you only need to reinstall them. All of these apps can be installed individually by running a backup APK file.

Or, you can simply reinstall the App Backup Restore application on the Android phone you are using. Then, launch the app and select the Archived tab.

After that, please double check all the apps you want to restore and click Restore to finish.

As a result, you don't need to re-download the previously downloaded application because it will be returned to its original state.


It's a simple approach to back up all Android apps to APK files and transfer them to memory card.

If you want to reinstall the app on a different Android phone or reset your phone data, here's how you can do it.

Since you don't need to re-download apps from the Google Play Store, you can save money on internet packages.

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