How to Make Your Own WA Stickers on Android Without an Application


How to Make Your Own WA Stickers on Android Without an Application
How to Make Your Own WA Stickers on Android Without an Application – Ingin tahu cara membuat stiker Whatsapp(WA) tanpa aplikasi? Berikut cara mudah dan ada juga info cara membuat stiker wajah sendiri dengan kata-kata unik.

Almost everyone now uses Whatsapp as a messaging application. One of the features of this application is its new function, namely stickers. With stickers, we can send messages simply, individually and beautifully without having to type extensively. In addition, stickers can also show our disdain or disapproval in a convenient way.

Praktik bertukar stiker lucu dan baru dengan teman dikenal sebagai “perang stiker”. Jadi, bagaimana kita bisa membuat stiker ini tanpa perlu mengunduh aplikasi di Play Store. Penasaran? Mari belajar cara membuat stiker Whatsapp tanpa aplikasi.

Using WhatsApp Online Sticker BOT

Online WhatsApp Sticker Bot is a simple way to create WA stickers without needing an application. By utilizing this BOT, we can make stickers without having to install any program. The process is quite easy.

  1. Open, one of the WhatsApp Sticker Bots available on the internet.
  2. Type the Whatsapp number and don't enter the wrong number because after that the sticker will be immediately saved on the cellphone.
  3. Select the image or animated image (GIF) that we want to make a sticker.
  4. Click the Create Sticker button and wait for the process to complete, generally only a few seconds.
  5. Next, submit images using JPG, PNG and WEBP formats to create still or non-moving image stickers.
  6. Upload GIF images to create moving stickers or animated stickers.
  7. Because the image file size can be produced in many sizes, it is best to choose 5MB because small size stickers can be made quickly.
  8. The stickers that we created previously will be automatically sent by BOT to the Whatsapp number that we have provided.
  9. There are no restrictions on what devices can use this WA sticker maker.

How to Make WhatsApp Stickers Without an Application Using the WhatsApp Chat Column

Next, you can use the original Whatsapp menu to create Whatsapp stickers without using third-party software at all. This is a very easy process.

  1. Open your cellphone's WhatsApp application and select a room to talk. Make our Whatsapp to version 2.18.329 if necessary.
  2. Write something in the conversation area.
  3. We can see the emoji menu in the bar if the keyboard is displayed.
  4. Click the emoji bar. In this menu, a sticker symbol that looks like paper with slight creases will appear at the bottom right.
  5. Click the symbol. The stickers we save will be displayed in this symbol. However, we can also add to our sticker collection for free without needing to download the application.
  6. Click the + or plus symbol in the top left corner of the emoji bar.
  7. After pressing the Plus symbol, hundreds of adorable and distinctive stickers will appear that we can download for free. The stickers offered are Bibimbap Friends by Pete Ellison, The Maladroits by Cole Ott, Koko by Hanasake Picture Inc., and Minseung Song, Salty by Alisa Kryzhanovska.
  8. Just select the sticker of your choice and save it to your computer. Whatsapp will remember the sticker as soon as you send it to someone with the specified phone number.
  9. Toofio the Cat was my first choice, and then I tapped ADD.
  10. Tap the Add package text again.
  11. New stickers are sent along with the test.

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