iPhone Can't Update Apps in Appstore

Rancakmedia.com – Have you ever tried downloading a game or an iPhone app that couldn't update? and instead being asked to enter someone else's password, even if you signed this.

Definitely annoyed and annoyed with this situation. We will definitely find out what is causing this problem. If your iPhone apps aren't updating, don't panic. There is a solution for that.

Solution Cause Cannot Update iPhone Application

One of the most common causes of iPhone not being able to get software updates is missing AppStore apps. you may not know the reason. There are several reasons behind this, and the answers are as follows:

Internet Connection Must Be Smooth

First, keep an eye on your internet connection if you're having trouble updating iPhone apps. If the internet connection at your location is not smooth, then the update process will definitely be hampered, you will be asked to enter the password again. The key is to choose a fast and stable internet connection. A 3G connection will take much longer than using wifi.

Disable the Restriction Feature

The trick is, go to settings-General then disable Restrictions. Then Installing Apps will appear so you can reinstall the application on the AppStore.

Disable Automatic Application Updates

The trick is to disable Apps and Updates in the AppStore settings. This strategy avoids automatic app updates and is useful if you are in an unreliable internet area.

Re-login apple ID

You can try checking again with the same Apple ID after logging out of your iPhone. How to Overcome iPhone Application Can't Update, many have also managed to re-download it to the AppStore, but it doesn't rule out the possibility that it can also fail.

Restart iOS

There may be an issue with the iOS operating system as the source of the problem. Then try restarting iOS by turning off the iPhone first and then turning it back on. Using this approach, you can reset iOS to its factory settings and start over with fresh.

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