The Best Anti Malware Application for Windows OS Computers – Most anti-malware software tools are free, although they generally lack the capacity for real-time virus stopping, scheduling options, and things like behavior analysis or phishing protection.

To remove this limitation, users need to upgrade to the premium version if available. Another drawback is that this item is designed for personal use only and, as a result, cannot be used in corporate networks.


TotalAV adalah pemula di bidang application anti malware tetapi kekuatan melawan malware yang kuat telah membantunya memperoleh reputasi tinggi di industri keamanan siber. Dengan TotalAV, kamu mendapatkan lebih dari sekadar perlindungan malware dan virus yang komprehensif.

  1. Cleaning and optimizing your computer's hard drive is a simple but effective way to increase performance.
  2. Use the Safe Sites browser extension to protect yourself from “phishing” scams and other attempts to obtain your personal information through fake websites.
  3. Password Vault: keep your login credentials organized and secure.
  4. Safe Browsing: VPN with unlimited data transfer.

Norton Antivirus

As an anti-malware program, many people rely on Norton AntiVirus because of its thoroughness in finding viruses down to their roots. Not only that, Norton also has a very good Languard tool to check the data on the PC that will be shared.

Norton 360 is by far the best anti-malware. Its malware detection engine, which protects against ransomware, spyware, and various other viruses, uses artificial intelligence. Among the many extra capabilities offered by Norton 360 are the following:

  1. You can keep tabs on your kids' online activity by using parental controls, which restrict access to unwanted users.
  2. Secure VPN: keeps your data safe when you connect to public Wi-Fi networks and allows you to browse sites that are not available in your location.
  3. Privacy Manager: generate strong passwords, store them securely, and help you connect to your accounts with one click.
  4. Cloud Backup: offers high security online storage for your important documents.
    Norton's world-class protection is a great choice for anyone who needs a robust and comprehensive anti-malware program.

Anti-Malware Application: Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes was one of the earliest anti malware application suites on the market and still one of the best in 2020. Malwarebytes anti-malware-3 is easy to use, highly adaptable, and intuitive.

Malwarebytes Premium is a fully competent antivirus and anti-malware solution, including real-time protection and behavior analysis.

Even though Malwarebytes offers a free version (activated after a 14-day trial), it doesn't do well to be called an antivirus on its own. The anti-malware scanning engine at Malwarebytes is one of the best available.

While the free version is only good when using an antivirus with real-time protection, Malwarebytes Premium has some of the best 100 percent anti-malware protection.

Malwarebytes is an excellent choice if you want an anti-malware program that is lightweight and effective in its approach to cybersecurity.

Norman Malware Cleaner

When it comes to identifying and removing malware, Norman Malware Cleaner is ahead of the competition. This anti malware application will automatically remove found malware without asking computer users.

Norman will also terminate any processes suspected of being malware and will restore the malware-infected registry to its proper value. In addition, the stability of computer performance is guaranteed by this anti-malware application.

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