5 Ways to Buy Apps on the Play Store Fast and Easy

Rancakmedia.com – Many free apps can be found on Google Play Store, but how can you buy Play Store apps there? By buying paid applications, of course you will get more premium and complete features compared to free applications.

While we may get paid apps from Google PlayStore for free, some of them will not work properly. However, if we know how to legally purchase apps from the Play Store, they will work fine.

The misunderstanding that often occurs when purchasing paid applications is that there are few payment methods. So we have to know how to add payment methods of paid apps in play store.

There are many payment options for how to buy apps on the Playstore, a more practical way to buy apps on the Playstore is to use credit, starting from Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, 3 (tri) (tri) credit. To make additional payments, you can also add payment options such as debit cards, vouchers, gopay balances, and others.

Whatever the payment mechanism, it turns out that the goal is only one, namely to buy paid applications on the Google PlayStore. There are various payment options available on the Play Store, and one of the main goals is to make it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

How to Buy Apps on the Play Store with Credit

The first way to get an application on PlayStore is with credit, the transaction procedure is of course easier with credit, meaning it's not complicated. How to buy apps in the play store with Telkomsel credit.

However, because not everyone has access to credit all the time, you should buy up your credit card balance regularly.

Therefore, your smartphone or card must have credit to do how to buy applications on the Play Store with credit. When purchasing credit, try to make sure the nominal amount is greater than the price of the application to be obtained, because paying for the application with credit will be taxable.

How to buy apps on the Play store and how to pay for Google Play with a debit card

After learning how to buy apps on playstore with credit, then by paying google play with a debit or credit card. Of course, it is more profitable than buying google play store certificate.

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