Download Whatsapp Aero Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 Anti Banned – Whatsapp Aero Mod apk is a modified version of the original WhatsApp Aero which was generated from the Whatsapp GB application and is now known as Whatsapp Aero Mod apk.

Nowadays some customized WhatsApp Apps provide some fantastic features with best Performance. And in the following we will present a reference for utilizing WhatsApp Aero as a suitable and safe solution for you.

Since WA Aero seems to be second only to WA GB, it is a popular application. Even for active users, it has reached tens of millions worldwide.

Are you curious about what's in this most famous chat application update? Let's find out through the following information.

Whatsapp Aero has a number of advantages.

Each version is customized for an application, of course some of the features are more interesting when compared to the original version of the application, because there are many additional interesting features.

Here you will get information about the features that WA Aero has that you don't get in the original WA, some of the advantages are:

Great Security Features

WA Aero, in contrast to the original application, has included security features that are widely believed to be completely safe. WhatsApp's security features include passwords that can be used in conjunction with a scheme or PIN to break into your account.

And, there are several features that can be used to support you, which are needed such as security features. Because you can forget the previously created password or scheme.

If you forgot, then this feature will help to login to WhatsApp and tell us the password you used, we just need to reset it.

Privacy Features Whatsapp Aero Mod apk

This privacy feature in WA Aero has a variety of applications and can be used by many people. In addition, you do not receive privacy features in the original WA version.

Please refer to the explanation below if you are curious about the privacy features included in the WhatsApp Aero application.

  1. Even after logging into the WhatsApp application, you may hide your online status and still appear offline.
  2. Can't see the forwarded message you did initially until the sender of the forwarded message will always be protected by privacy and can't be seen if messages originating from other messages continue.
  3. Can decide who can contact you via WhatsApp calls, so not everyone can contact you.
  4. Hide the view narration view so that you are not visible if you have seen your friend's story.
  5. Hide sent message reports and double check that message sender display is set to invisible in your message status.
  6. Without having to open a contact, you can see if a co-worker is available.
  7. There are various ways to hide microphones, recording devices, cameras, and other components, depending on your preferences and needs.
  8. No messages are sent to the recipients you typed in when you wrote the message.

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