How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skins – There are diamonds needed to buy mobile legends skins so they can work. Some players may not be able to buy skins due to the high cost and difficulty of getting them in the game.

Therefore, Mobile Legend players are always looking for ways to get skins without having to top up or pay money. The skins in this game not only make the hero look great, but also provide an increase in the hero's stats.

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skins

Here are five ways to get free skins in Mobile Legends, as reported by Friday (14/1/2022):

Lucky Spin

Every 48 hours, Lucky Spin players get one free chance at the lottery wheel. The main prize in the Spin event is a hero.

However, players can earn gem shards which can be exchanged for Special Level skins in the Fortune Shop in exchange for real money.

ML Skin Fragments

Skin Fragments are prevalent throughout the game. Players can get them in special events, through Lucky Spins, daily logins and daily quests.

In the Fragment Shop, players can transform them in exchange for free skins. Players can save their favorite skin pieces while waiting for the new version to be released to the market.

There are two categories of skin fragments, called Premium and Rare. This quarter is home to unique retail stores.

Premium skin shops include Elite Tier skins, while Rare skin shops offer standard skins and rarely sell Elite Tier.

Season Ranked Rewards

It is possible to upgrade more free skins in Mobile Legends by increasing the leaderboard.

Each season, a special ranked season skin will be awarded to players who have made it to Master or higher ranks.

Ranked season is the only time this skin can be earned and is permanent. This strategy is great if players want to collect skins for a limited time.

Daily Login Rewards

Daily login includes a lot of in-game goodies for players who play every day. There are always new and interesting events to take part in Mobile Legends. Therefore, make sure players visit the events tab daily.

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