How to Join Automatic Game Link Embedding MLBB – Lately, many Mobile Legends players have been discussing Automatic Game Link Embedding. TikTok content creators, especially those covering Mobile Legends content, will love this new feature.

TikTok has developed into a huge social media platform where many people go to gain fame through the medium of the platform. Content providers provide a lot of content, whether it's about fashion, tutorials, tips, games, and so on.

Every day, TikTok attracts more than 200 million active users. Therefore, this platform is utilized as a platform for distributing information. There are now new features for content providers, especially in the gaming industry, to make their job easier.

For that, Dafunda Game will discuss some of the latest additions to TikTok in this talk. Isn't it natural if you want to know how to access and take advantage of this new feature? So, you have to read this article to the end.

What is MLBB Automatic Game Link Embedding

Well, the new feature introduced by TikTok is called Automatic Game Link Embedding. This feature allows players to tag video games submitted by content producers with uploaded games.

This implies that all videos connected to a particular game will be categorized into one cohesive category. So, that way it will be easier for the audience to find the footage of the game they want. Fast FYP videos can be created using this feature as well.

For now, this feature is only accessible for the Mobile Legends saga. Other games don't have this feature yet. With this feature, all Mobile Legends video games, Bang Bang, will be grouped into one category.

How to take advantage of MLBB Automatic Game Link Embedding

Because the new Automatic Game Link Embedding feature continues to be a mystery to many players. As a result, we'll walk you through the process now.

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