The Newest Way to Get Free Internet Quota – Take advantage of the New Year's moment to get free internet quota, see the following article to find out the steps.

Everyone needs a certain amount of internet quota to be available at one time. To fulfill this, but still save expenses, you can take advantage of free internet quota services.

How to get free internet quota is not difficult. Now many institutions, both from the government and cellular companies, are providing free internet services. Here's how to get free internet quota which is summarized from various sources.

Some cell phone companies provide free internet access. Calling *363*69# will give Simpati users unlimited free internet usage quota.

Telkomsel's free 4GB allowance is divided into two parts: 2GB for international use and 2GB for local use. Unfortunately, this approach can only be used by Polytron cellphone holders in the provinces of Bali, Nusa Tenggara and East Java.

Take advantage of the Government's Free Internet Quota

Another way is to use application Roli, which is available through the Google Play Store for users of the same carrier.

Registration using this application gives you access to Telkomsel's data quota of 300 Mb to 2 Gb. Indosat users can also take advantage of free quota, apart from Telkomsel users.

If you call one of the hidden Indosat dialing codes, you can get a free data quota bonus.

Indosat users can use the codes *990*2*3*3*1#, *933*333#, *363*100*6*1#, and *123*100*1# to get free data quota. This dial up number offers free quota from 1 GB to 10 GB.

Take advantage of the Government's Free Internet Quota

Another way to get free quota is to take advantage of the quota distribution scheme created by the government.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology provided free Kemendikbud quotas for students, teachers and free education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Anyone working in the education industry, regardless of cell phone provider, has access to this quota.

Make sure your name and active mobile number are registered as recipients of the Ministry of Education and Culture's quota program in the education unit. Then the school will arrange data entry for the recipient. Depending on your education level, you can get free quota from 7GB to 15GB.

What is the Telkomsel Free Internet Quota Code?

Some other secret codes to try to get free internet. Among these codes are *999*606#, *999*202#, *999*122#, *999*280#, *550*777#, *999*60#, *567*33#, *550*55#, *567*208# , *567*302#, and so on.


How to get free quota is not difficult. There are many institutions, both government and cellular companies that provide free internet services.

One way is to take advantage of the quota sharing scheme made by the government. Another way is to use the Roli application, which gives you access to a Telkomsel data quota of 300 Mb to 2 Gb.

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