The difference between the WhatsApp Aero application and WhatsApp – The WhatsApp Aero application is currently being debated by a number of users. How is this application different from the original WhatsApp, and what are the dangers that lurk its users?

WhatsApp Aero adalah aplikasi MOD atau modifikasi dari versi aslinya. Hanya Meta yang membuat application WhatsApp resmi, dan satu-satunya aplikasi alternatif adalah WhatsApp Business.

The presence of WhatsApp Aero cannot be accessed on PlayStore and AppStore. On an Android smartphone that will run WhatsApp Aero, it must be rooted first. But the rooting method is quite dangerous as it can brick the device.

The same goes for iOS devices. Jailbreak, like rooting, is required to increase functionality and speed.

The WhatsApp Aero application is an unofficial third-party development product of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Aero was published in 2019 and produced by Hazar Bozkurt from Turkey. This Aero has been upgraded functionally with many high-end features.

Thus, the features of WhatsApp Aero have been improved and have certain differences from the original WhatsApp App. But the core system retains its original form.

WhatsApp Aero Application Features

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