The advantages and disadvantages of the KineMaster application – As a Video Editor Application which has now downloaded more than 100 million downloads, the KineMaster application provides editing results that are not inferior to the PC version.

Due to the popularity of various video-based social media platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook, businesses are now producing activity videos that can be used as a location to make money.

But of course, in order to attract attention and be appreciated by many people, we must develop videos that are interesting and enjoyable to watch.

Most of the videos, we use computers or PCs to edit videos, but with today's cellphones being so technologically advanced, there are more and more programs that we can use, one of which is KineMaster Pro.

KineMaster App Overview

Application KineMaster is available for purchase of formal applications such as Google Playstore, even though its version status is still free. However, the free version of KineMaster still has locked features. Therefore, to access restricted features, we have to pay for the Pro version.

To upgrade the Free KineMaster to the Pro or Premium Version, users will be charged a monthly price of under IDR 100,000. Please read the following facts about KineMaster Premium APK so you don't lose your time and money.

Disadvantages of the KineMaster Application

First, we check the negative first because maybe you can use this to judge later whether to proceed with the installation or not. Read more below.

You will be charged for 1 month using KineMaster Pro and when the time runs out or you enter a due date you will be notified via email to quickly increase the duration or subscribe or not.

You will need to downgrade to an older version of KineMaster Pro if you wish.
If you need an earlier version of KineMaster, then you have to download it from the internet, meaning it's not automatic.

Even though KineMaster for Android phones is just a normal version, the download size of the app is still huge. We propose that those of you who want to edit videos smoothly using KineMaster must prepare a smartphone with a minimum specification of 3GB of RAM or higher.

2GB RAM Phones Not Recommended. Even though RAN has 2GB of internal memory, it is still not enough to support processes and data.

When rendering videos, you need a stable Internet connection. It is possible that an error occurred during the rendering or production of this video due to the use of a substandard smartphone.

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