How to Overcome Stuck Connection Telegram – Why does the Telegram connection often crash? Here's how to deal with a stuck connection Telegram. When it was first published in 2016, Telegram was practically the same as WhatsApp in terms of applications.

Despite being relatively young, Telegram users are increasing day by day. This is probably because it is based on its use being payment free, meaning it is free.

But sometimes, Telegram generally has a stuck connection. If that happens, how do you deal with this stuck telegram connection? Not much different from other chat software, Telegram also often has problems.

Everything, starting from application which is unresponsive to a persistent connection that won't shut down until another minor issue. Honestly, there are several ways around this problem, but we will explain how to solve it below.

Why does Telegram Sometimes Have a Stuck Connection?

Why Telegram Sometimes Has Stuck Connection

There are various indicators in telegram that show telegram has a stuck connection, and they are easy to see. Among them the appearance of the sentence the application cannot be opened, there is an error display, the video cannot be opened and so on.

However, additional signs and symptoms are not uncommon. Like a constant connection until there is a network waiting indicator. The connection causes of a stuck telegram connection may find you looking for a way to solve it.

The unexpected loss of Telegram's ability to communicate can be caused by a variety of factors. There are many common reasons for this which are:

1. Inadequate Internet

A bad internet network may be a factor causing your connection with Telegram to crash. If you're not near a computer with an internet connection, this might happen. Internet network problems can also be caused by a server that is not working or because your internet usage has exceeded your allotted limit.

2. Presence of Virus/Malware

Another reason is that a virus or malware has infected your phone. Which of course affects the performance and performance of your android is not ideal. Even Telegram, which went awry due to a stuck connection.

3. Telegram is Never Updated

Another cause is that your Telegram application is out of date. Updating Telegram app regularly is the only option to fix this stuck connection. Apart from preventing the connection from getting stuck, it is necessary to improve the performance of this chat application.

4. Damage

Crashes may also be the reason Telegram has a stuck connection. This crash issue may be caused because the app is flawed, corrupted, or because you got the Telegram app through a third-party app.

5. Wrong Root Process

Besides offering advantages, it turns out that improper root procedures can also cause danger and problems. Especially on Android phones and also all the applications in it.

Included with this telegram application. If you want to go deep, make sure to follow the correct procedure first.

By knowing the cause, all you have to do is find out how to fix a stuck Telegram connection. How to? can be seen in the conversation below.

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