Rafael Leao Dismantles the AC Milan Dressing Room

Rafael Leao Dismantles the AC Milan Dressing Room – Rafael Leao caused a stir with his flash goal in the game against Sassuolo. The young AC Milan striker tore through the net in just 6 seconds.

The strike made by the player from Portugal broke the record for the fastest goal in the history of Serie A and the five major European competitions.

To the delight of the Milan fans even more, Leao's goal helped bring the Rossoneri to victory against Sassuolo, while keeping their beloved team at the top of the standings for a while.

Apart from the goals he conceded, Leao is now dissecting some of the secrets in the Milan exchange room. He conducted interviews with 433, as noted by Football Italia.

In the question and answer session, Leao explained things that are not often encountered by the public, the problems of several Milan players, starting from the fastest, strongest, to the desire to wear the ugliest clothes.

For fastest player, Leao named himself, followed by left back Theo Hernandez. "If I'm not on the field, then Theo is the fastest," he said.

Meanwhile, according to Laeo, the strongest player is definitely Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And the most talented is his close friend Daniele Maldini.

Which is quite ridiculous, Leao dissects the secret problem of players who have a desire to wear the ugliest clothes and music.

“Samu Castillejo is wearing high socks, that's weird. Oath. Ante Rebic, I appreciate the music from his country, but when he plays songs there, it doesn't feel right," he explained.

Most recently, Leao reviewed goalkeeper Gigi Donnarumma. “He is the worst at dancing. You see, he's so tall so it's difficult."

Source : viva.co.id

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