Allegedly there is an auction for positions at PSSI, PSSI chairman must be inactive?

Allegedly there is an auction for positions at PSSI, PSSI chairman must be inactive? - PSSI Chairman Mochamad Iriawan had to be inactive for a while in the midst of allegations of buying and selling the position of the manager of the Indonesian National Team, related to the provisions in the FIFA rules.

According to senior reporter Joseph Erwiyantoro. He was also the one who initially admitted that there were suspicions of buying and selling the position of manager of the U-19 Indonesian National Team through the Cocomeo Reborn Facebook account.

This figure, who is also known as Mbah Coco or Toro, and has long been active in criticizing the dynamics taking place at PSSI, made it clear that the general chairman of PSSI had to be inactive first amidst the current allegations.

“My writing regarding this has been translated and sent to the AFC and FIFA. Even though I didn't actually ask for it to be translated, my colleagues did it," said Erwiyantoro.

"There is a problem with Iwan Bule. Because of course Iwan Bule is there, he must be inactive as stipulated in article 20 of the FIFA Code of Ethics. If it's from the rule, it must be inactive until the problem can be proven or maybe not. If that happens, he can't have a national football activity. Like Sepp Blatter or Michel Platini," he said, alluding to the situation regarding Mochamad Iriawan's status as general chairman of PSSI.

Article 20 of the FIFA Code of Ethics alludes to bribery groups within football circles. Players who are trapped may not carry out activities in the world of football for a maximum of 2 years.

Bribery should not be harsh because it will destroy the credibility and track record of football as defined in Article 1 of the FIFA Code of Ethics.

Regarding the things that some people are not allowed to act as bribes as laid out in the FIFA Code of Ethics are; all FIFA officials (including FIFA Council members), committee members, referees, referee confidants, coaches or people caught up in strategic issues, health workers or administrative officials at FIFA, Federations, FIFA Member Federations (including PSSI) leagues or clubs, and all people who need to comply with the FIFA Statutes (except players and mediators).

Regarding this rumor, detikSport also contacted several related parties. Among them PSSI. There is the work executor of the PSSI Secretary General (Plt Secretary General), Yunus Nusi, who responds casually to the rumors of buying and selling this position. He views rumors of this kind as PSSI are used to.

"Generally the issue is up to several tens of billions, this increase is only Rp. 1 billion. There have been dozens of articles on this kind of problem scattered. We never respond. PSSI is used to rumors of this kind. So there is no need for any information from us," said Yunus Nusi.

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