The Latest News on the Indonesian League 1 Transfer Exchange – The following is a summary of today's League 1 transfer market news, Wednesday (22/06), starting from the official to speculation. The highest class football league in Indonesia, League 1 season 2021-2022, has officially ended. Bali United won as winners because their points were not overtaken.

That means League 1 teams are now involved with looking for new players on the transfer floor. Today, Wednesday (04/06/22) a number of well-known teams announced the recruitment of new players, one of which is Persija Jakarta.

The Kemayoran Tigers recently announced their new signing, Hansamu Yama Pramata. With free transfer status from Bhayangkara FC, the former Indonesian national team defender was brought in.

Indonesian League 1 Transfer Exchange

Hansamu Yama will be contracted by Persija for one season. Team Capital, who struggled in League 1 last year, are expected to benefit from his addition as support to their defensive unit.

"Persija is a big team in Indonesia with a myriad of achievements. Both, all players in Indonesia definitely want to join Persija," said Hansamu, quoted from the Persija website.

“I am one of the lucky ones to get this opportunity. I will not waste it. That's why I'm interested in being part of Persija," he added.

Otavio Dutra and Maman Abdurrahman, Persija's two most reliable defenders, are both out of their best form at the moment.

Meanwhile, Ryuji Utomo, who is still relatively young at his golden age, looks worried because he often makes mistakes in several matches in League 1.

Hansamu Yama himself is Persija Jakarta's third recruit, having previously brought in Hanis Sjahbandi and Firza Andika some time ago.

Apart from Persija Jakarta, below are many other clubs that have also appointed new players and are now targeting players.

Persib Bandung

Officially joining Persib Bandung are Indonesian international players Rachmat Irianto and Ricky Kambuaya.

This certainty was obtained when Persib Bandung announced the signing of two players through the club's social media account, Wednesday (6/4) in the morning WIB.

Official. Rachmat Irianto and Ricky Kambuaya, please join us” The recruitment of Rachmat Irianto and Ricky Kambuaya was announced in a video commentary with a comedic design by Persib.

After the 2021/2022 League 1 ended, Ricky Kambuaya and Rachmat Irianto officially released their contracts with Persebaya Surabaya.

Persebaya and the Indonesian National Team rely heavily on these two players. Rachmat Irianto plays as a defensive midfielder to complement Ricky Kambuaya's offensive role.

Persebaya Surabaya

Persebaya Surabaya officially brought in Andre Oktaviansyah from Persikabo 1973. The transfer news was announced by Persebaya through its official Twitter account on Wednesday (6/4/2022) evening WIB.

Persebaya wrote, "Welcome Andre Oktaviansyah," responding to the arrival of Andre Oktaviansyah.

“We are pleased to have you join us. Come on, let's go gold hunting! Hello, brave ones!” Persebaya's chirping could be heard in all directions.

Andre Oktaviansyah is one of Indonesia's young midfielder candidates. Andre Oktaviansyah played 25 times in Liga 1 2021-2022 for Persikabo 1973, recording two assists in the process.

The 19-year-old boy was also part of the Indonesian national team which won the 2018 AFF U16 Cup.

United Gods

Dewa United FC officially announced the first signing for Liga 1 2022/2023. Sugeng Efendi is a player who was brought in.

CEO of Dewa United, Ardian Satya Negara, revealed that Sugeng Efendi was one of the players being monitored since the League 2 tournament last year.

By the way, the 23-year-old midfielder is a perfect fit for Nilmaizar, Dewa United's new coach. Sugeng Efendi, the team's first signing since promotion to Liga 1, has officially joined us, according to Ardian.

"Sugeng Efendi has officially joined us and is arguably the first recruit after the team was promoted to League 1," Ardian opened.

"He is a player that we have been monitoring and is also included in the coaching team's scheme," he added.

Meanwhile, Dewa United coach, Nilmaizar also confirmed that Sugeng Efendi had entered his preferences. The former Persela Lamongan midfielder will join Dewa United's team in the near future.

Persija Jakarta

The coach from Northern Ireland, Paul Munster, was recently speculated to be coming to Persija Jakarta. His contract with Bhayangkara FC has ended and he has chosen not to continue the relationship.

Bhayangkara FC has also confirmed that Paul Munster will no longer be the coach for next season. According to reports, a local coach will be hired by The Guardian.

"What is certain is that we won't be using Paul Munster next season," said Bhayangkara FC media officer, Anggra Bratama.

Gabriel Budi, Paul Munster's agent, finally spoke up in response to these rumours. Gabriel claims everything is still possible because Paul Munster is on a free transfer. However, the agent also has not given a definite answer whether his client has joined Persija.

Bhayangkara FC

Spanish striker Youssef Ezzejjari chose to continue his career at Bhayangkara FC. He has negotiated a deal with a club dubbed The Guardians. Youssef confirmed that he joined Bhayangkara FC.

In order to try something new, he agrees to work with a police-style team. Previously, Youssef was one of the mainstays of Persik Kediri's attack line. He helped raise the achievements of the White Tiger team to avoid relegation.


Persija Jakarta, Kemayoran Tigers and Persib Bandung are the latest clubs to announce new signings. The highest class football league in Indonesia, League 1 season 2021-2022 has officially ended. Bali United won as winners because their points were not overtaken.

Andre Oktaviansyah played 25 times in Liga 1 2021-2022 for Persikabo 1973. Dewa United announced the first signing for Liga 1 2022/2023. Paul Munster will no longer be the coach of Bhayangkara FC.

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