Results of the match Brazil vs Chile Score 4-0 – The CONMEBOL world cup qualification match between Brazil vs Chile, Friday (25/03/22) see the match in the following article.

Since the first half started, Brazil quickly took the initiative to suppress Chile. In the first minute, Neymar managed to destroy the visiting team's defense which ended with a bad kick.

After that Chile started to rally and tried to play calmly to withstand Brazil's strong pressure in the defensive area. The frantic nature of the opening ten minutes made for a tense contest. The referee must blow the whistle many times to indicate a violation.

Chile looked to be pressing in the 25th minute and Arturo Vidal had a chance to score with a long-range shot that was deflected just outside the goal.

In the 31st minute, Eduardo Vargas had another chance to bring Chile ahead, but his shot was off the right side of Alisson Becker's goal.

Not long after that, the opportunity arose for Brazil's Neymar. However, his effort from inside the penalty box was also pushed over to the right of Claudio Bravo's goal.

Entering the 40th minute, Brazil continued to increase the intensity of its attacks with the possibility of coming from left-back, Guilherme Arana whose shot Claudio Bravo was able to push over.

In the 42nd minute, Brazil had a big chance in the form of a penalty when Mauricio Isla committed a foul in the penalty box.

In the 44th minute, Brazil won 1-0 over Chile thanks to Neymar who took over as executor of the plan and successfully completed it.

Two minutes later, Vinicius Junior was able to increase Brazil's advantage. The player who didn't defend was able to break into Chile's goal with a shot that found the net into the bottom left corner. As a result, the final score is now 2-0.

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A goal from Vinicius Junior also closed the first lung between Brazil versus Chile with a 2-0 score for the hosts.

2nd round Brazil vs Chile

At the beginning of the second half, Chile immediately kicked off and was able to score the first goal. However, the referee then annulled the goal because it was offside after checking with VAR.

Chile's blitz roused Brazil, who then appeared to apply pressure on their foe. In the 57th minute, Antony almost added to the hosts' goal if he didn't dribble too long in the penalty box.

Quick speed again shown by both sides in this second half. A number of egregious fouls were committed, resulting in yellow cards being issued to players on both sides.

Claudio Bravo fouled Antony in the 70th minute, and Brazil were awarded another penalty. VAR also awarded Brazil a penalty after a review detected a foul in the box.

Philippe Coutinho, who had just arrived, also managed to complete his responsibilities as executor and put Brazil 3-0 up in the 72nd minute.

Brazil's performance is still sluggish despite scoring three goals. In order to get more quality playing time, many subs are made.

Both Brazil and Chile resulted in the match in the last ten minutes of regular time, preventing both sides from creating chances.

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Both teams, on the other hand, kept their pressure on them to score more goals or to cut their lead.

At 90+2 minutes into Injury Time, Brazil scored their fourth goal through Richarlison. As a newcomer, Richarlison was able to score Claudio Bravo's goal with his left foot. Score became 4-0.

Richarlison's goal put the game out of reach. The defeat to Brazil also automatically made Chile's path to qualifying for the World Cup much more difficult.

Brazil vs Chile game schedule

Brazil (4-2-3-1):

Helped: Alison; Danilo Marquinhos Thiago Silva Ariana Arana Casemiro Fred Assist: Antonio Paqueta Assist: Vinicius Junior

Chile (3-5-2-):

It takes a village to raise a child today, and it takes a village to raise a child in today's world. Bravo! Diaz!


Brazil vs Chile 2-0 in the first round of World Cup Qualification for the CONMEBOL zone in 2022. Neymar and Vinicius Junior gave the hosts a 1-0 lead in the 44th and 67th minute respectively.

Arturo Vidal had the chance to put Chile ahead in the 25th minute but his long-range shot was deflected just outside the goal.

In the 42nd minute, Brazil had a big chance in the form of a penalty when Mauricio Isla committed a foul in the penalty box. But the referee then annulled the goal because it deviated from the target. The loss to Brazil means that Chile's route to qualifying for the World Cup will be that much more difficult.

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