The way Barcelona chases Luis Suarez makes Lionel Messi hurt

The way Barcelona chases Luis Suarez makes Lionel Messi hurt – Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi, still hurts when he remembers Luis Suarez's transfer to Atletico Madrid earlier this season. In detail, Lionel Messi commented on Barcelona's steps in treating Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez inevitably moved to Atletico Madrid after he was not included in the plans of the new Barcelona coach, Ronald Koeman.

At the start of his arrival, Ronald Koeman had openly said he wanted to do a team rejuvenation at Barcelona. Not playing around, Ronald Koeman, who was known to be hard on himself, immediately kicked several senior Barcelona players a few days after it was approved.

Luis Suarez, as one of the victims of the disassembly of Ronald Koeman's team, can be said to have been kicked by Barcelona with no respect. Because, Luis Suarez, who had one year left on his contract at Barcelona, was kicked out by Ronald Koeman by telephone. Luis Suarez, who did not accept the news, had wanted to bring his conflict with Ronald Koeman to justice.

The cold war then made Luis Suarez dropped from the Barcelona pre-season team and had to train alone when he was looking for a new team. The drama then ended with Luis Suarez's decision to accept a 2-year contract from Atletico Madrid. Remembering Luis Suarez's transfer, Lionel Messi admits that he still hurts to this day.

Lionel Messi is angry because Luis Suarez, who is called his close friend and Barcelona legend, was kicked out in disrespect. Messi was confused because Barcelona released Luis Suarez to a competing team. “I had planned to leave Barcelona before Luis Suarez was kicked out,” said Lionel Messi, who also wanted to leave at the start of this season.

"However, what happened with Luis Suarez was absolutely crazy," Lionel Messi added. "I am not happy with Luis Suarez leaving Barcelona. I don't think he should go like that," said Lionel Messi. "That's not all, Barcelona released Luis Suarez for free to a competing team," Lionel Messi added.

During an interview with La Sexta, Lionel Messi spoke about his future. Lionel Messi has confirmed that he will be at Barcelona until his contract expires in June 2021. Even so, Lionel Messi cannot guarantee that he will continue to wear a Barcelona uniform next season. Lionel Messi admits he will decide his future at the end of this season after speaking with the president-elect of Barcelona.

For information, Barcelona will hold a club presidential election on January 24, 2021 to find an alternative to Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned at the end of October 2020. Most recently, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is reported to be monitoring Lionel Messi's situation at Barcelona.

This issue got stronger after it was reported that Mauricio Pochettino could become PSG's new coach to replace the expelled Thomas Tuchel. Initially, the world's most expensive player, owned by PSG, who is a close friend of Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., also threw a code. Neymar Jr has openly said he wants to play alongside Lionel Messi one more time. Many groups see Neymar Jr's recognition as a reflection of PSG's transfer plans for next season.

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