Bali United vs Persib Score 1-0 Victory of Serdadu Tridatu – Bali United vs Persib results in match week 19 BRI Liga 1 2021, Thursday 13/01/2022
ended with a score of 0-1. With this victory, Bali United rose to fifth place in the standings with 35 points. Meanwhile, Persib Bandung is in second place with 37 points.

Bali united appeared quite tough compared to Persib Bandung since the whistle sounded. Many times they have the opportunity but have not turned into ambition.

Persib Bandung itself got a fantastic chance in the 17th minute through Beckham's son. But unfortunately the goddess of luck is not on his side. Because he still managed to hit the crossbar with the ball he kicked.

Buying and selling attacks are also given on both sides. Stefano Lilipaly from Bali United scored the only chance of the match in the 24th minute. However, the kick he fired was too slow for Teja Paku Alam to catch.

The course of the match Bali United vs Persib

Bali united continues to attack the Persib Bandung line of defense. After getting opportunity after opportunity, Lilipaly finally managed to break into the goal defended by Teja in the 38th minute. The naturalized player successfully caught the mature bait offered by Ricky Fajrin.

Maung Bandung still hopes to equalize in the last five minutes. But unfortunately the attack they built has not proven to be a goal. As a result, in the first round, Bali United beat Persib Bandung 1-0.

Persib Bandung came out of the locker room with a shot in the second half. The squad assembled by Robert Rene Alberts often poses a challenge to Bali United's defense.

In the 51st minute, they got their chance thanks to David da Silva's header after Ezra Walian's pass failed. However, the header was stopped very effectively by the Bali United goalkeeper, Wawan Hendrawan.

There's more to come. David da silva got another chance in the 62nd minute with a shot from outside the penalty box. Unfortunately, the tridatu soldier's goal was only a few meters to the right of the intended kick trajectory.

Then in the 75th minute, Bali United took a chance. Again, through Lilipaly, who is very skilled at penetrating. The kick he shot, unfortunately, was still too slow.

Persib Bandung almost equalized in the 85th minute, Ezra Walian. But again, Wawan Hendrawan produced a very good save. The Bali United goalkeeper brushed aside the ball which was kicked hard by Ezra so that it only resulted in a corner kick.

The Maung Bandung players continued to attack Bali United's defense in the last five minutes of the match. Unfortunately until the long whistle sounded they failed to equalize. As a result, Bali United succeeded in beating Persib Bandung with a narrow score of 1-0.

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