According to Gary Neville, these two Manchester United players cannot be rested

According to Gary Neville, these two Manchester United players cannot be rested – Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, likes to watch the changes of the Red Devils in their last few games so far. He also hopes that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's team can still play stably well and achieve positive results in the next few matches.

To keep up that good game, Neville witnessed two players that Solskjaer couldn't rest in a number of Man United's matches ahead. The two players are Bruno Fernandes and Harry Maguire.

Because according to Neville, Maguire and Fernandes are the two most important players at Man United right now. He witnessed the two players having played a major role in the growth of the Red Devils' game at the start of the 2020-2021 season.

Maguire, who was called a defender witnessed by Neville, has succeeded in helping Man United's defense to make it stronger. If there is no Maguire, then Neville doubts that Man United will have a strong defense like when the player from England was played.

Furthermore, Fernandes feels that Neville is the special key why Man United can play well. Since being bought by Man United from Sporting Lisbon in the winter of 2019 the other day, Fernandes has become a key player for The Red Devils.

So, when Fernandes played, it was easier for Man United to score goals because of his most extraordinary role. The arrival of Maguire can also help Man United's defense not to be easily conceded.

So, in Neville's opinion, Maguire and Fernandes are the most important players for Man United right now. Neville certainly hopes that Man United will continue to play Fernandes and Maguire until they can at least fix them in the status of the 2020-2021 Premier League standings.

“Fernandes is not transferable, they will play badly without him. He is an important part of the puzzle that Man United has been looking for so far. Likewise Maguire, which I think you will know if he doesn't play. My feelings speak if he doesn't play because that's why many factions miss him,” said Neville, released from Sportskeeda, Friday (25/12/2020).

"I know some people say that he (Maguire) isn't the greatest defender in the league, that he hasn't been outstanding since he arrived earning £80 million, but he has a huge advantage in the heart of Man United's defence," Neville added.

"He's good on the ball, he's calm and he's good in the air. He doesn't make mistakes, sometimes he does, but he is a good centre-back, a very good centre-back and an important presence for the team."

"Him and Fernandes, I don't believe they can be rested for a while now because Ole is not coming back."

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