Persija Jakarta was controversially appointed as the representative from Indonesia for the AFC Cup

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PERSIJA Jakarta Controversy
PERSIJA Jakarta Controversy

Persija Jakarta was controversially appointed as the representative from Indonesia for the AFC Cup – Persija Jakarta was chosen by PSSI to represent Indonesia in the 2021 AFC Cup. Is the national football league's decision a violation of the provisions? PSM Makassar should have the rights to one ticket because of its status as champion of the 2018/2019 Indonesian Cup. However, PSM did not pass the AFC license clarification until their portion of the AFC Cup was forfeited and handed over to another club.

This is what raises the issue of who has the right to receive a ticket from PSM. Reflecting on England, the portion of appearances in the Europa League from winning the FA Cup or League Cup is generally given to the team with the highest status in the local competition standings, not to the runner-up team.

For example, when Tottenham Hotspur got a lucky ticket for the Europa League even though they only ranked sixth in the final standings of the 2019/20 Premier League season. Manchester City, who won the 2019/10 League Cup, did not take part in the Europa League because they had already advanced to the Champions League.

Tottenham has an abundance of tickets because the fifth place in the Premier League, namely Leicester City, has received an automatic ticket to the Europa League. The grace ticket was not handed over to Aston Villa, who were named runners-up in the League Cup, but was handed over to the team with the highest ranking in the final standings of the Premier League.

So, the example above should be a reference for PSSI in determining Indonesia's representatives in the 2021 AFC Cup. Plus, there are also provisions from the AFC regarding club representatives for Asian inter-club competitions (Asian Champions League and AFC Cup).

The Entry Manual for AFC Club Competition 2021 outlines the requirements for clubs to appear in Asian inter-club competitions. In detail, this provision is stated in article 9 regarding Sporting Criteria or sports requirements (sportsmanship).

To fulfill the sporting requirements, a club must have obtained one (1) of the following (i.e. it must be applied in descending order to determine the representative club of the Member Federation):

9.1.1. domestic top section league champion;
9.1.2. domestic cup champion;
9.1.3. domestic top section league runner-up;
9.1.4. 3rd place domestic top section league;
9.1.5. 4th place in the local top section league (only applies if there is no local League Cup running in Article 9.1.2).

In the provisions above, the representative's first focus is the team with the highest ranking (champion) in the final standings of the local competition (league). Then the second focus is for the club that wins the Local Cup (League Cup). The League Cup in Indonesia is held called the Indonesian Cup.

The third focus is the local competition runner-up. The 3th focus is the 4rd ranking in local competition and so on.

In conclusion, the portion of the Asian competition can be relegated to other teams based on the local competition standings. It is not said that the runner-up in the Local Cup has the right to obtain tickets to the Asian inter-club competition.


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