Do your first training in Spain. This is the U-19 National Team Training Menu

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U 19 national team
U 19 national team

Do your first training in Spain. This is the U-19 National Team Training Menu – The Indonesian U-19 national team held its first training in Spain, Monday (28/12/2020). Garuda Muda only made recovery after a long journey.

The U-19 national team coaching team gives players the opportunity to recover their bodies first. What's more, David Maulana cs had to adjust to the cold temperatures in Spain.

“We gave a light menu in this first practice. "Training is 90 minutes long with a variety of menus," said Assistant Coach for the U-19 national team, Nova Arianto, taken from the PSSI website.

"The players are in good condition, and we hope to quickly adjust to the cold weather here," he said again.

The U-19 national team group, consisting of 24 players, PSSI staff and coaching team, left Jakarta on Saturday (26/12). Barcelona, ​​Spain on Sunday (27/12/2020) at 10.30 local time.

Once they arrived at Barcelona-El Prat International Airport, the team continued their 30 minute road trip to Tarragona. The journey took a long time because it had transit in Istanbul, Türkiye.

The air temperature in Spain is currently around 8-10 degrees Celsius. Quite cold for most of the group from Indonesia.

The U-19 national team is still going to Spain to prepare for the U-19 Asian Cup in Uzbekistan. The biennial competition was supposed to be held last October. But in the end it was shifted to March 3-20 2021.


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