SRC is Committed to Driving the National Economy

SRC is Committed to Driving the National Economy - SRC Indonesia, as the current grocery store network which is spread across all provinces in Indonesia, has a commitment to participate in moving the national economy in the midst of an epidemic. This method was realized through the virtual SRC Indonesia 2020 Festival last weekend.

"For more than a decade SRC has improved the skills and competitiveness of MSME actors in Indonesia, this festival moment of opportunity, in addition to giving interest to SRC grocery stores, is expected to revive the spirit of #BersamaMestepForward for other MSME actors," said Director of PT SRC Indonesia Sembilan (SRCIS) Henny Susanto in the recorded info Monday (21/12/2020).

He explained that SRC's long-term program was expected to be able to support the government's efforts to accelerate the improvement of the national economy, where MSMEs were one of the important sectors that could drive the real sector. "2020 was a year full of obstacles, but behind that we believe that by sharpening creativity without boundaries, Indonesian MSMEs, especially SRC grocery stores, can provide even greater benefits to the wider community, including through the 2020 Indonesian SRC Festival," explained Henny.

Henny conveyed that it was hoped that SRC's arrival among the residents would be able to move the people's economy and contribute, especially to changes in the micro-economy. SRC's impact was emphasized by a survey conducted on hundreds of SRC grocery store owners in early 2020. As a result, SRC contributed to the economic cycle of IDR 69.3 trillion per year. Besides that, SRC creates jobs. Approximately 57% SRC owners were women, of which 52% were one of them the pillar of the family and 97% of them believed they could prosper their families after joining the SRC commune. Currently SRC has reached more than 130,000 grocery stores in Indonesia. In addition to increasing the skills and competitiveness of grocery traders, SRC prepares MSME actors to keep up with changing times through digital literacy.

“Cooperation and digitalization are two important topics that we bring to the Festival this opportunity. It is hoped that through the SRC festival, residents can get to know SRC better, and know the virtues of shopping at a grocery store near their house because they directly provide support for MSMEs in maintaining the economic stability of their families," said Henny.

The owner of the SRC Dhimas grocery store in the Sumedang area of West Java, Imas Komala, appreciated the activities of the 2020 SRC Indonesia Festival. "In the midst of uncertainty and limitations, it actually moved us to be able to do some new and innovative things," said Imas.

The same thing was said by the owner of the SRC Kasima grocery store in North Jakarta, Irwan, who explained that this year's festival brought an amazing surprise compared to the previous year. "How can we become an important part of the economy of this country, so that the spirit must be maintained and again provide government support through economic routines, the same as we have done so far," said Irwan.

The 2020 SRC Indonesia Festival virtually visualizes SRC's support for the surrounding MSMEs through the Local Corner, a special rack intended for MSME actors around SRC grocery stores to sell their products. Various MSME products can be found at the Local Corner, from snacks, handicrafts, and various types of other local specialty products.

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