The following is the 2021 Pancasila Sanctity Day Twibbon – October 1 is designated as Pancasila Sanctity Day through Presidential Decree No. 153 of 1967. Of course, this struggle must be remembered by every generation of the Indonesian nation without exception, so that it can be used as an example in living the life of the nation and state so that dynamism is maintained.

The Twibbon group as a medium for sharing motivation and remembering the services of the nation's heroes who were willing to sacrifice their souls and bodies for a peaceful country based on Pancasila ideology. Please take a moment to tell all Indonesians about this twibbon.

There may be many ways to use it as a reminder and encouragement so that the commemoration of Pancasila is always maintained as much as possible because defending and defending the nation's ideology is not simple and requires seriousness in everyday life.

Twibbon is a digital photo frame specially developed for goods and services campaigns (campaigns) and can also be used to share inspiration and words of support. Users can place their own pictures on these twibbons so they are good enough to communicate messages, campaigns, encouragement and words of support. To grab users' attention, twibbon must have a good design, a beautiful appearance, and a theme that matches the subject being conveyed.

How to make a Twibbon on Pancasila Sanctity Day?

The current author will not tell you how to make a complete twibbon, because a link has been provided for a working example of twibbon, so please click on the link to learn more.

You can use existing photos or take pictures directly from the camera for photos that are placed on twibbon.

It is recommended by the author that camera photos are used directly so that the angel and backdrop photos can match the twibbon used.

Please see the steps for downloading the Twibbon Pancasila Sanctity Day

  1. Select a photo
  2. Click the photo to be used, click OK
  3. Adjust photo with the frame you want
  4. If it exists and matches, click Trim
  5. Wait until the download process is complete.
  6. Download click
  7. Do.

Please search after point 6 in the smartphone download folder for the twibbon file or search in the gallery folder. It should be noted that most of the users receive the Twibbon confused after step 6. Here, the users have to make sure that the smartphone they are using is not faulty or the internet connection is difficult so that the procedure mentioned above can be applied. This point is the crux of the matter.

The author will share a collection of specially made twibbons with very beautiful designs so that they can increase user confidence. Share this twibbon with all of you, and remember the services of our nation's heroes who have provided bodies and enthusiasm for all kinds of endeavors to achieve Indonesian independence.

Select a twibbon below for others to use and post on your social media accounts, then share the link to this page. Please take advantage of high-resolution photos to create the best twibbon, and make it have a national theme according to Twibbon.

Please see the steps for downloading the Twibbon Pancasila Sanctity Day

Internet connection is the main determining factor in the twibbon process, because it is done online on the Twibbon provider's website, so internet access on your smartphone cannot be turned off, let alone interrupted. The author allows these twibbons to be used for product or service campaigns, but they differ significantly from those specified in a Guide or Tutorial, as you will of course have to replace the twibbon with specific software, such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW or other image design tools.

The author takes the time to explicitly address this, perhaps from some readers who stopped reviewing doing a little research on their company's growth. Twibbon is very appropriate to be used as a medium for products or services because Twibbon can attract the attention of many people when its design has an aesthetic value that attracts many eyes. The explanation is quite logical.

If many people care about media or promotional tools, many good possibilities will definitely be offered, then the company's key to success will be wide open. When is the time to promote the use of twibbon? Involve the attention of what many people might be involved in the event. Perfect time to promote a twibbon design with the notification that the event theme should be a twibbon design.

In general, twibbon is for the thrill of an event; if you want to use it as an advertising medium, then make a short list of all the big events that involve a lot of people, like the independence moment, for example.

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