How to Register for BLT UMKM Phase 3 September 2021 Eform BRI – Use this method to register for liquid MSME BLT in September 2021. In this BRI Stage 3 eform, you will find out more about the list of MSME BLT beneficiaries who receive payments in September 2021 and have registered online as unpaid BPUM until the criteria fulfilled.

In September 2021 it was reported that BLT UMKM had been given to 500,000 beneficiaries over the past month. The government did not explain its intention to continue this initiative after all of the Rp 3 trillion in funds for the second phase of MSME BLT distribution had been disbursed.

Therefore, small companies must immediately place an order or reservation or register for an online BPUM queue at stage 3 of the BRI form.

This BPUM queue is carried out to minimize the danger of spreading the Covid-19 virus which may be transmitted when the BRI bank pays BLT UMKM. For an online BPUM queue list, small businesses only need to enter their National Identity Number (NIK) on their KTP.

Furthermore, recipients of BLT UMKM can choose the time and location of payment using the BRI Stage 3 form. However, it should be underlined that BLT UMKM September 2021 is not payable to micro companies that do not meet the criteria.

Requirements that must be met to become recipients of BLT UMKM which will be paid in September 2021 for 500,000 beneficiaries and who can register online BPUM queues in the form of stage 3 BRI:


Requirements for registering for BLT UMKM Stage 3 September 2021

Below are the requirements for registering for stage 3 of BLT UMKM in September 2021, which are as follows:

1. Having a micro business with the criteria set out in Law Number 28 of 2008:

  1. Has maximum net worth IDR 50 million excluding land and commercial buildings or
  2. Annual sales no more than IDR 300 million

Furthermore, the following three papers can also be shown to micro enterprises:

  1. Number of Business Permits (NIB)
  2. Company Certificate (SKU)
  3. Micro and Small Business License (IUMK)

2. Indonesian citizen

3. Do not apply for bank loans or KUR loans

4. Non-banned organizations such as:

  • State Civil Apparatus (ASN)
  • Members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI)
  • Member of the Indonesian National Police (POLRI)
  • Employees of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN)
  • Employees of Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD)

How to check BLT UMKM recipients Phase 3 September 2021

1. Check BRI Eform stage 3 recipients of BLT UMKM

  • Click on
  • Enter your KTP NIK and check the code then click Request Process.
  • You will then be sent to the BPUM online waiting list if you are listed as a beneficiary.

2. Online BPUM Queue List.

  • Enter all accessible personal information, including the verification code, until complete
  • The reference number will then be displayed. Take good care of yourself, don't lose it

BLT UMKM recipients can then contact them directly Bank BRI according to the time and location chosen to register for the BPUM queue online. For example, for the BLT UMKM requirements for September 2021, you can verify the BRI-eform level 3 and 4 requirements for registering BPUM queues online at


So far, the methods and requirements for getting BLT UMKM in September are quite easy, as long as the requirements are complete, if you have not completed the requirements, then you are sure to fail.

Because Rancakmedia recommends that before registering online, please complete the data and requirements first, as we have explained above.

This is information on how to register for BLT UMKM stage 3 September 2021, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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