How to Register for MSME Social Assistance Via the Ministry of Social Social Assistance Check Application – Here's how to register for social assistance through the check application from the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) has issued the Social Assistance Check application which can be used by the public to check the distribution of social assistance.

The government will restart Cash Transfers (BLT) UMKM in January 2023. The previous distribution was stage II period 3 to 500,000 MSME business actors. For those who have not received and registered, it is possible to take part in the continuation period in January 2023.


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Meanwhile, for those who have not registered, register first through the official registrant link online or directly by registering with the Regency or City Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperatives (Kadiskop UKM) in their respective areas.

This assistance is given in the amount of Rp. 1.2 million for micro and medium enterprises.

Before registering, make sure you have a Business Certificate (SKU) or have registered the NIB as an MSME.

The following are the terms and conditions that must be prepared:

  1. Residential Identification Number according to Electronic KTP
  2. Family Card Number
  3. NIB-IUMK/SIUPP/SKU MUST (Please register through the menu OPEN HERE if you don't have)
  4. Business photo
  5. Never got BPUM money
  6. Has received BPUM funds in the previous fiscal year
  7. Micro Business Actors who are not currently receiving KUR
  8. Indonesian Citizens Have Electronic Identity Cards (e-KTP)
  9. Have a Micro Business as evidenced by a letter of proposal from the prospective BPUM recipient from the BPUM proposer and its attachments which are one unit
  10. Not a State Civil Apparatus, a member of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, a member of the Indonesian National Police, a BUMN employee, or a BUMD employee

1. Download the application to Check Social Assistance

download application check for social assistance from the Google Play Store on your cellphone. Make sure the Social Assistance Check application is the Ministry of Social Affairs. The problem is that the Google Play Store has many comparable apps.

Therefore, the public must verify that the application that will be downloaded from the Social Assistance Check really comes from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

2. Registration

The public must first register and create a User ID account before accessing all the features of the Cek Bansos application. Communities must prepare KK and KTP.

Then, you enter a number of details such as family card number, NIK, name, full address, telephone number, and email address.

The Jamsostek Check application also requires people to use KTPs and KTPs with pictures. Fill in the OTP code provided to the email after registration.

The public is advised to wait until the officer verifies the data. The public can access the Social Assistance Check application menu after being verified. Click the list of online social assistance check applications [OPEN HERE]

Want to register the application

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