How to Download and Print the Latest First and Second Vaccine Certificates

Here's how to download and print the first and second vaccine certificates. The government stipulates that vaccination certificates are essential documents for traveling out of town and you even need to be able to access certain locations, such as malls, to download and save the first and second vaccine certificates in the HP memory without having to print them out.

Currently there are many people circulating who offer printing services for vaccination certificates which, if used by careless people, are quite dangerous. Why can it be dangerous? Because the Covid-19 certificate contains complete personal data of the vaccination owner, such as NIK (Resident Identification Number), date of birth and also the vaccine brand used.

The QR-Xode in a vaccination certificate facilitates the theft of personal information from irresponsible bad people, which can then be used for negative activities such as fraud or application online loans.

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This certificate does not need to be printed because the QR code inside is very modern, if checked, it is enough to show the Covid-19 Vaccine certificate that was downloaded earlier and the officer will immediately scan the QR code to check the authenticity and suitability of your identity card. This certificate is not required.

The COVID-19 vaccine seeks to break the chain of disease transmission and stop the COVID-19 epidemic. The COVID 19 vaccine is useful for preventing the body from getting COVID-19 disease by administering a vaccine to generate or stimulate special immunity in the body.

COVID-19 vaccination services are carried out by doctors, nurses and nurses who are competent and operated by the Central Government, Provincial Governments, Regency/City Governments, or Public/Private Health Service Facilities that meet the requirements set by the Government of Indonesia. Minister of Health.

Giving the first phase of the COVID-19 vaccine to all health workers, health workers, support staff and students who carry out medical vocational education in health care institutions. Public service officials who are actively involved in providing services to the community will be given the vaccine.

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Join our COVID-19 immunization campaign to protect you and your family from COVID-19. Run 3M, wear a mask, keep your distance and wash your hands for all of us.

So that's the information how to download and print the first and second vaccine certificates, I hope all of you are helped and have no trouble printing or downloading vaccine certificates.

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