Batch 18 Pre-Employment Cards are Opening Soon

Batch 18 Pre-Employment Cards are Opening Soon. There are a number of notes for prospective participants before the 18th batch of pre-employment is officially opened. It is known that the Semester 1 Pre-Employment Card membership program ends after the closing of the 17th pre-employment batch on Monday, June 7 2021.

There are several guidelines for prospective participants before the official opening of the 18 pre-employment batch. It is known that the Semester 1 Pre-Employment Card membership program ends after the closing of the 17th pre-employment batch on Monday, June 7 2021.

"Country 17 is the final wave for Semester 1 2021," said Louisa Tuhatu, Director of Communication Management for Pre-Employment Card Control, to, the network, Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

In semester 1, the total budget budgeted for batches in this semester is up to IDR 10 trillion from a total of 2.7 participants. The 2nd semester of the Pre-Employment Card membership program has a budget of IDR 10 trillion.

Regarding the opening of the 18 pre-employment batch, Louisa did not respond when tried to contact her. But one thing for sure, Batch 18 will only be opened on the official website. Subsequent applicants who pass the test are entitled to a cash incentive of IDR 3.55 million.

Prior to the opening, it is advisable for potential participants of Batch 18 of Pre-Employment to understand these notes so that when the pre-employment card continuation program is officially opened again, the potential for potential participants to qualify is even greater.

How to Register for a Pre-Employment Card

How to Register for a Pre-Employment Card

How to Create an Account

  1. Enter the page, click the register now menu.
  2. Type in your full name, email address and password
  3. Check the incoming email from the pre-employment card, then confirm.
  4. Registration was successful.

Sign in to Account

  1. Go to page click login.
  2. Enter the registered email and password.
  3. Login to account successfully.

Fill Self Register

  1. After logging in to the account, fill in the Identity Card (KTP) verification, click next.
  2. Complete personal data in the form of full name, email address, place of residence, domicile address, education, employment status.
  3. Upload a photo of your KTP and selfie with your KTP, click next.
  4. Verify mobile number, click send.
  5. Enter the OTP code that was sent via SMS to the mobile number, click verify.
  6. Fill in the registration statement, fill in until it's finished, click OK.

Take the Test

  1. Take a 15-minute basic motivation and ability test.
  2. Have stationery and paper ready.
  3. Wait for the notification email from the Pre-Employment Card after completing the test.

How to Repeat Pre-Employment Card Registration

If prospective participants want to re-register in batch 18 of pre-employment because they failed to register in the previous batch and already have a pre-employment account,

Here's How to Repeat Pre-Employment Card Registration

  1. Enter the page
  2. Enter the email address and password that was created earlier
  3. Enter the dashboard page in each work profile.
  4. Participants can immediately click "wave 18" (if already opened)

Apart from that, there are a few things to note about the possibility of failure application work card registration. This information is summarized from the Pre-Employment Card Executing Management.

Requirements for registering a pre-employment card

  1. Full name must match the identity card (KTP)
  2. Pay attention to the Family Card Number (KK). There should be no discrepancy between KTP data and family cards
  3. The date of birth must match the KTP
  4. E-mail (e-mail) or e-mail address that is clear and active (do not fill in the inbox or use e-mail that has not been used for a long time)
  5. The mobile number that matches your personal data when registering
  6. Address as per KTP
  7. Domicile address (If the residence and address on the KTP are different)
  8. Gender must be the same as KTP and KK
  9. Last education completed
  10. Employment status at the time of registration of the pre-employment card must be filled in clearly and honestly
  11. Photo of the applicant's KTP (not registering other people)

The 11 points above are the "main capital" for applicants to prepare work cards. If there is a discrepancy between the data entered and the data received from the implementation management, the participant registration process can be the cause of participant failure.

In addition, there are also several special requirements that can be prioritized as a Pre-Employment Card recipient. Some of these special requirements are those who have 3 or more dependents, work in an informal section, work in the MSME section, have a relatively low income, or are the most affected by the pandemic.

This is information about the 18th wave of pre-employment Hopefully this will be useful for prospective pre-employment card participants in the 2021 semester.

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