Productive Social Assistance for 2021 UMKM BANSOS

Productive Social Assistance for MSMEs – Until recently, Social government gave Productive Social Assistance Micro Enterprises (BPUM) as well as various National Economic Recovery (PEN) programs for several Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises actors (MSMEs), such as interest assistance, tax stimulants, and new working capital credit absorbed 26.4%. Therefore, the Government is preparing additional programs, namely social assistance (social assistance) productive.
The government will immediately distribute productive social assistance (social assistance) for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the amount of IDR 2.4 million. In the initial stages of disbursement, productive social assistance targeted 9.16 million micro businesses out of a total of around 12 million micro businesses..
Various type stimulant economy has circulated by government. Determination Law No. two years 2020 in manage finance deep country control plague COVID-19 And regulation widen minus budget more than 3 % So method brave government in business handle critical.
The problem Furthermore, with a total of 57.85 % contributors, household consumption is seen as the element that plays the biggest role in the economic structure so it is also a special key in supporting GDP and preventing the ongoing economic crisis due to the epidemic.. When people's consumption is tight, the effect will be significant on economic development.

Social Assistance For Hindari KEconomic crisis

The central government has made many contributions such as cash social assistance, direct cash contributions (BLT) to hamlets, 450 watt free electricity assistance, 50 %, discounted prices for 900 watt electricity users. Furthermore, the government provides stimulants for small and medium businesses. He has given stimulants through banking.
  • Contributions are carried out with direction
  • Increase the purchasing power of citizens
  • Drive citizen consumption
  • Stimulating Indonesia's economic development
  • Accelerate the absorption of the national economic improvement program (PEN) budget

how to register productive social assistance

How to Register for Productive Social Assistance

The government provides Micro Business Productive Assistance (BPUM) to several micro business actors who are not yet connected to banking or bankable credit.

The government provides Micro Business Productive Contributions (BPUM) to several micro business actors who are still not touched by banking or bankable credit.

The target for the distribution of MSME BLT is 12.8 million micro business actors with a prepared budget of IDR 15.36 trillion.

To register for BLT UMKM, you can do it offline or online. For BLT UMKM registration online, you can submit it directly to the Office of Cooperatives and UKM at the district/city level.

For info, several Regional Governments (Pemda), have implemented an online list of MSMEs. However, this does not apply to all agencies, many areas still require business actors to come in person to provide records.

The next step, the agency will convey it to the service at the provincial level to be forwarded to the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Deputy for the Micro Business Sector. However, before registering, there are requirements and complete documents that you must complete as follows:

  • Resident Identification Number (NIK)
  • Family Card Number (KK)
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Business fields
  • Phone number

Requirements for Receiving Productive Social Assistance

The government has decided on the requirements for micro businesses receiving productive social assistance, along with the following criteria:

  • Indonesian Citizens who have an electronic KTP (e-KTP)
  • Have a micro business as evidenced by a letter of acknowledgment from the proposing agency.
  • Have a bank account at a commercial bank.

Channels and Number of Recipients of Productive Social Assistance

In step I, social assistance was given to 9,162,486 micro businesses. This amount is based on Micro Sarana Business Data that received the Productive Working Capital Contribution Program for Micro Enterprises (BMKP2UM) as of July 2020.

While social assistance providers are Pawnshops, Association of State Owned Banks (Himbara), Asbanda, Perbarindo, Cooperative and UKM Service, and the Cooperative Movement. Here are the details:

  • Pawnshops: 5,440,244 who received (59,37%)
  • Himbara: 2,939,941 who received (32,09%)
  • Office of Cooperatives and SMEs of all Indonesia: 538,197 (5,87%).
  • Cooperative movement: 161,906 (1,77%).
  • Asbanda: 80,813 (0.88%).
  • Perbarindo: 3,081 (0.003%).

Government is over Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs RI, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, and the Financial and Development Monitoring Body (BPKP) ensure that this social assistance reaches micro business actors.


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