Latest, Here's the Sure Way to Disburse BLT UMKM 1.2 Million Rupiah April 2021

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Here's how to check recipients of BLT UMKM BPUM program at BRI, complete with terms and how to register.

It should be noted, the BLT UMKM BPUM program will be continued in 2021.

The plan for the 2021 BPUM budget will target 12.8 million micro entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia, each of whom will receive IDR 1.2 million.

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The total budget prepared is IDR 15.36 trillion.

Later, the BPUM distribution process for micro business actors will be carried out in stages until the third quarter of 2021.

In the first phase, a budget of IDR 11.76 trillion has been provided for 9.8 million micro entrepreneurs.


After the first phase of distribution is complete, a second phase budget of IDR 3.6 trillion will be launched for 3 million micro-entrepreneurs.

Quoted from the Regulation of the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Number 2 of 2021, micro business actors receiving BPUM must meet the following requirements:

1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)


2. Have an Electronic KTP

3. Have a micro business as evidenced by a letter of proposal for prospective BPUM recipients from the BPUM proposer and its attachments which are one unit.


4. Not a State Civil Apparatus, a member of the TNI/Polri, an employee of a BUMN or BUMD.

How to Register BLT UMKM

Prospective BPUM recipients are proposed by the agency or agency in charge of district/city cooperatives and MSMEs.

The correctness of the proposed BPUM recipient data is the responsibility of BPUM recipients and proposers.


BPUM proposers submit proposals for potential BPUM recipients to the agency or agency in charge of provincial cooperatives and MSMEs.

Proposals for prospective recipients are forwarded to the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs containing the following data:

1. NIK according to Electronic KTP

2. Family Card Number (KK)


3. Full name

4. Address

5. Business Sector


6. Phone number

BLT UMKM recipients at Bank BRI

Specifically for BRI customers, you can check it online through the site or Click here.

1. Open a page


2. Enter your National Identity Card (KTP) number and verification code.

3. Click “Process Inquiry”.

4. After that, a statement will appear whether the KTP number is registered as a BPUM recipient or not.

If you are not a BPUM recipient, it will say:

"The eKTP number is not registered as a BPUM recipient."

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Apart from being able to check online, BLT UMKM recipients will also be informed via SMS by the channeling bank.

After receiving the SMS, the recipient must immediately verify with the designated channeling bank, so that assistance can be disbursed immediately.[irp]

Preferred categories receive BLT UMKM BPUM program

There are three priority categories for receiving BLT UMKM 2021.

“Given to all affected micro business actors. Both for those who received last year, or those who have not received those that have been proposed or those that are currently being processed," said Eddy Satriya, in a virtual press conference, Tuesday (6/4/2021).


"So there are three categories, those who have received, then those who have not received because they cannot be disbursed yet."

“Some have been proposed, but have not been processed. So this is our priority," he said.

"This Banpres is indeed given to those affected, and the plan is that in the future until it is disbursed later, we hope that we will process the rest as soon as possible," he added.


Meanwhile, for those who received BLT UMKM last year, not all of them will receive it again.

This is because the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs will evaluate 2021 beneficiaries who have deficiencies.

"One of them was the recipient of the wrong target, so the data was cleaned up," said Eddy.

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