Erick Thohir Targets Women's Leadership Up To 20 Percent – In this article we will discuss the target for women's leadership to be strengthened up to 20% in the ranks of State-Owned Enterprises, for those of you who are curious, see the article below until it's finished.

Women's leadership is a topic that is receiving increasing attention worldwide, due to the overwhelming body of evidence showing that the presence of women in leadership positions can have a positive impact on organizations and society in general.

Nonetheless, the facts show that women still face many obstacles to reach leadership positions commensurate with their abilities.

Therefore, greater and more sustainable efforts are needed to achieve the target of women's leadership.

What Is Female Leadership

What Is Female Leadership

female leadership is a topic of increasing importance in today's global context.

Women often face challenges in achieving leadership positions in various fields, from politics to business to civil society.

Even in this modern era, there is still a lot of discrimination and bias that prevents women from rising to leadership positions.

Not only that, even though women have the same qualifications and abilities as men, they are often underestimated and considered less capable in leadership.

This causes the representation of women in leadership positions to be very low.

However, the importance of having women in leadership positions cannot be doubted.

Currently, many studies show that diversity in leadership can provide significant benefits for organizations and society in general.

The Importance of Targeting Women's Leadership

Increasing the number of women in leadership positions has significant benefits for organizations and society in general.

Here are some reasons why targeting women's leadership is necessary:

1. Increased Diversity

Diverse leadership can lead to better and more innovative decisions. With women in leadership positions, organizations can present different perspectives and diverse life experiences in decision making.

2. Better Decision Making

Studies show that women tend to make better and more careful decisions in situations that require taking risks.

Women's leadership also has a stronger tendency to consider the long-term effects of decisions taken.

3. Better Representation

With more women in leadership positions, there will be better representation of gender in organizations and society as a whole.

Better Representation

This can inspire other women to take leadership roles and set an example for the younger generation about diversity and gender equality.

Strategies for Targeting Women's Leadership

The following are some strategies that can be implemented to encourage the presence of more women in leadership positions:

1. Overcoming Bias and Discrimination

Gender equality should be the main focus in the organization. To encourage the presence of women in leadership positions, organizations must address the gender bias and discrimination that occurs in recruitment, promotion, and rewards.

2. Providing Equal Opportunities

Organizations must provide equal opportunities for men and women to develop in their careers.

This can be done by providing equal training and development programs for men and women, and ensuring that the selection criteria for leadership positions are not based on gender.

3. Provide a Mentor and Support Network

Mentors and support networks can help women overcome career challenges and reach leadership positions.

Organizations can help build strong support networks and ensure that mentors are available to assist women in developing leadership skills.

4. Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Women's Leadership

Organizations can increase awareness of the importance of women's leadership by conducting gender equality campaigns and encouraging women to take leadership roles.

This can build support and trust in women as effective leaders.

5. Measure Progress

Organizations should measure progress in increasing the presence of women in leadership positions.

Measure Progress

This can be done by monitoring the percentage of women in leadership positions, tracking progress towards achieving gender equality goals, and evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies used.

The Role of Women's Leadership in SOEs

In the ranks of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) the leadership role of women is still not significant enough. For this reason, the minister of BUMN will strengthen the role of women in BUMN up to 20% over the next 2 years.

BUMN Minister Erick Thohir explained that the role of women in high management status in BUMN is still below international standards.

Currently, female leadership in the ranks of record companies is in the range of 11 percent. In fact, the role of women is important in many ways. Except from an economic point of view, they become the backbone in raising children.

Therefore, his faction has the goal of increasing the number of female administrators in BUMN so that it can increase.

This will be carried out through a series of teaching and improvement programs that support related needs, communities, and so on.

“I asked for 15 percent this year. Then, in 2023, the target for women's leadership in BUMN is 20 percent," she said during a journalist meeting at the Indonesian Human Capital Forum (FHCI), Wednesday (04.07.2021).

Erick continued, apart from increasing the skills and abilities of women in BUMN ranks, the BUMN Department continues to prioritize a healthy working environment and has the power for women.

He said that protection for women was another main point that was still being raised. This protects women from sexual humiliation in the work environment.

The Role of Women's Leadership in SOEs

“Apart from quality, the working situation must also be good. This allows SOEs to serve citizens better so they can compete in the global arena," he said.

According to him, leadership training cannot be generalized. Like women who not only play an economic role, but also as housewives who raise their children.

"Well, this leader has to change the education and training courses. Like the work situation in BUMN, it must also be good and healthy for female administrators and female employees," he said. Erick added that currently BUMN talent is not only facing obstacles and dynamics of the national economy, but also globally.

In the midst of an epidemic, the process of transforming went fast, for example by changing attitudes towards changing business processes towards digitalization and increasingly fierce global competition and the digital age and tomorrow.

“BUMN must adjust because the human resource landscape is different. The key is that HR managers in SOEs must immediately take real action to respond to this change by preparing various human resource improvements that can be deployed in the future considering signs of changes in management, business mode or leadership style, "explained Erick.


Women's leadership is a topic that is receiving increasing attention worldwide, due to the overwhelming body of evidence showing that the presence of women in leadership positions can have a positive impact on organizations and society in general.

This is information about Erick Thohir targeting women's leadership up to 20%, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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