This is how to check the free COVID-19 vaccine schedule from the government – The COVID-19 vaccination program has started, this was followed by President Jokowi being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine made by Sinovac on Wednesday (13/1/2021) yesterday. Come check out the free COVID-19 vaccine agenda from the government.

Initially the Ministry of Health (Kemkes) will send a Short Message Service (SMS) simultaneously to all those who have received the Corona COVID-19 virus vaccine which has been recorded.

This provision is contained in the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (KMK) Number HK.01.07/MENKES/12757/2020 concerning Setting Targets for Implementation of Covid-19 Vaccination which was decided by the Minister of Health (Minister of Health) Budi Gunadi Sadikin on 28 December 2020 yesterday.

On February 17, the 2nd step of the COVID-19 vaccination program was initiated. The target for this second step is 16.9 million public service officers. Audience service officers are interpreted as teaching staff, teachers, and civil servants (PNS) or civil servants (ASN).

This vaccination will focus on the seven provinces of the islands of Java and Bali, this is done to optimize the target of reducing COVID-19 cases, which are almost 70 %, one of which is from Java-Bali.

The following are the steps to check the free COVID-19 vaccine agenda from the government:

  1. Go to the site careprotect id check nik.
  2. Enter data in the form of full name, NIK number printed on the KTP.
  3. Enter the security code shown on the screen.
  4. Click next.
  5. The screen will show the results of whether NIK is registered as a vaccine recipient or not.

To check other COVID-19 vaccine schedules, you can go through the Ministry of Health's Whatsapp. Before vaccinating, the public can prepare a KTP before registering.

  1. Click bit ly vaccinecovidRI then start chatting.
  2. You will receive an automated response asking for confirmation as to whether an employee
  3. health, with a variety of menu choices. Use the last 6 digits of NIK to register and will receive confirmation of the vaccination location.
  4. The chatbot will share the vaccination schedule for confirmation.
  5. QR code tickets will be distributed along with a video of how the vaccination works.
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